LCMS walks with German partner in ministry amid flood of refugees

Yet, in the shadow of these events, the bright light of the Gospel shines in the darkness as our LCMS partner-church body, the Selbständige Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche (SELK), cares for the stranger in their midst.

With more than a million Middle Eastern asylum-seekers flooding into Europe, a new mission field is growing exponentially for the SELK, a church body that has been actively receiving refugees and catechizing them for decades.

Catechizing them! For those of us who have voiced general opposition to receiving Syrian refugees here, I wonder if this is the model we should take here in the US when these refugees arrive - to catechize them!



Within the last three months or so there have been other threads on the subject of Muslim immigrants converting to Christianity in Germany. Here are two of them, both dealing with Gottfried Martens, a Lutheran pastor in Berlin. I think there were other threads as well, but I can’t find them now.

There’s a model we should surely walk in

Perhaps, and that’s why I brought the topic up. I’m personally conflicted about the topic because Muslims are a unique situation, ISTM, compared to other immigration waves into the US in the past.

The SELK seems to have taken a different approach than the “Lutheran” bishop in Sweden, and a Catholic priest in I believe Germany, that have stripped away Christians symbols from their parishes before the arrival of Syrian refugees.


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