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My LDS friend and I have been friends for almost 10 years and 4 years ago she became Mormon despite my attempts to talk about Mormonism and wait. Since then she and I have been respectful of each other’s beliefs and mainly focus on our love of God and the Holy Spirit. She recently had been talking more about her faith and asked for my views. While we have varying views I am happy she wants to understand my views.

I will continue to pray for her and answer any questions she has to the best of mine and God’s abilities. I want to share an article that explains Mormon vs Catholics/Christian view on the 3 levels of Heaven. I have already asks her opinion on the 3 levels but I don’t want to offend her by sending her the article but I also want to share the information as I feel it’s important. Any advice?

The article is this…istian-books-4
I know this is a slow process for a reason I am dealing with my friend and her faith so I don’t want to close any doors and end our friendship. How would you discuss our different views on Heaven with Scripture?


The link doesn’t work.



This series ((“”) or CD) might be of more help than you realize
(by ex-Mormon now Catholic, Thomas Smith)–Inside Mormonism.

Also this (here)–From Mormon Missionary to the Catholic Faith.

Thomas Smiths talks are the audios that goes directly into your question.

Also I would suggest (although I don’t recall if these talks below dealt with your specific question here) . . . .

Paul Dupre (who is here on this site frequently). Paul has an audio series that would give you insight too (see this and this)–The Mormon Challenge.

I honestly cannot recall if Paul directly dealt with the 3 levels of Heaven issue directly or not. I know the series is indispensable though if you want to really dive deeper into the whole Mormon-Catholic dialogue issue.

Pat Madrid’s talks on this CD had to do with Mormonism’s errors too and was also insightful–Answers For Non-Catholics (but I don’t think Pat deals with the 3 levels of Heaven issue if I recall correctly).

I have heard all of these talks and cannot say enough good things about them.

God bless.


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