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If someone is baptized LDS, then leaves the church, and after joining another, receives a trinitarian baptism, would this person be required to be baptized yet again if they rejoined the LDS? I’m not seeking to debate the validity of anything related to this post, just looking for a yes or no answer.

From the LDS perspective, they would have to be re-baptized LDS only if they had been officially excommunicated.

Otherwise, no.

Does resigning one’s membership/removal from church records equal excommunication?


In the LDS church, excommunication is an official act that decreeded after a court is held.

If one was never officially excommunicated by this court, one is still a baptized member of the LDS church according to their doctrines.

Resigning one’s membership is not the same as excommunication.

Good question. I don’t know.

Resigning one’s membership is an option that was forced on the church by the US government. Curious how the church has dealt with it.

No, name removal, or resigning one’s membership is not the same as excommunication.

Name removal is done by the member who seeks it.

Excommunication is done by the church.

Name removal from any organization, including ecclesial, is a protected right under the freedom of religion clause in the Constitution.

There is legal precendence for it, and it’s not “only” Mormons.

Constitution right.

not sure what it is today, but back in the day, if you asked to have your name removed, they ex’d you.

Once I realized the LDS Church was false, I sent a letter requesting my name be removed from Church records. Instead of a letter saying it had been done, I got a letter telling me they were going to hold a church court to ex me. I sent a letter saying they did not have to go thru all that trouble. I said I agreed to have my name removed.

A few weeks later, I got a letter saying the court was held and I was excommunicated.

It was the old “you can’t quit because I fired you”.

Made me laugh

Marie that doesn’t at all contradict what I said.

My point is that a constitutional right to remove one’s name from a church, does not translate into an obligation for churches to invent a doctrine for what happens when someone exercises that right.

Yes, I remember hearing that quite a bit years ago, too.

One of those links I posted was about a case where someone sued the the church for that and was asking $18M

Church backed off and settled out of court.

Reminding the LDS church that they will be sued if they try to ex someone who has resigned has them sticking their tails between their legs and backing off…

Hopefully for those resigning now, that kind of stupid hoop jumping doesnt take place.

I think you’re wrong about this, as I understand what I’ve read from people who resigned and received a letter confirming it, the letter says the ordinances are undone and will have to be re-done if they want to rejoin the church. Recently on another board someone posted the following quote from the LDS church handbook of instruction, it seems to say you would need to be re-baptized.

“the church handbook says that resignation “cancels the effects of baptism and confirmation, withdraws the priesthood held by a male member and revokes temple blessings””

Yes, when you resign all the ordinances are undone. Same with excommunication.

But in the LDS church they are not the same thing, resignation and excommunication. They effects on the ordinances are the same, but they are different.

When one is excommunicated, and actual ecclesial court is held and a judgement is passed.

When one resigns, no such court takes places (or is supposed to take place). The ordinances are just canceled.

(Here is a quote that better describes the difference)

“To answer your main question, in the LDS church excommunication is a centure that is accompanied by loss of membership. Basicly it implies that you were kicked out of the Church and that your membership was terminated on the churchs terms. Resignation is a well protected right in the US. If you resign it implies you left the church on your own terms based on your own reasoning and desires. They are quite different things that present very different images. So no, either way you are not a member of the church.”

What doctrine do you have to show that the ordinances are just cancelled?

Do you think the power of the US constitution supersedes the keys given to Peter to bind in heaven and earth?

It was the old “you can’t quit because I fired you”.

Maybe it’s “we’re going to dismiss you in order to save you the consequences of abandonment.”

I have a letter from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints which states that the effects of my LDS ordinances were cancelled. How much more official does it need to be?

Thank you, iepuras. I’ve been interested in that for a while.

My letter says the same. All ordinances were cancelled

Thanks, Marie. Did it say anything about children sealed to you?

Any guys here get such a letter? Wonder what they say about the Priesthood.

I have no children so that wouldnt apply to me.

But if one’s ordinances are “cancelled” , to me, logically speak, that would mean all sealings, whether to spouse or child, whether BIC on temple sealed.

I think I still have my reply. Need to do a bit of brainstorming to think where it may be.

Priesthood gets taken away. I’ll dig through my papers and post the full text.

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