Lds b.o.a?

Here is an article from the local news about the B.O.A
Any thoughts?

Amazing. I particularly love this quote:

“The veracity and value of the book of Abraham cannot be settled by scholarly debate concerning the book’s translation and historicity,” the essay concludes.

What can be settled is that scholarly debate concerning the book’s translation and historicity proves beyond a doubt that the BOA was a fraud. Holy Moley!

it is how they work…"we can’t prove it because it is false, but if you get a good feeling and a warm fuzzy, it is true!

I have been waiting to see some defense of this fraud, since every expert in the field of Egyptian writing disagrees with JS’s purported “translation”. It’s kind of scary what the human mind is capable of believing. :whacky:

Im glad I have always known that my intellect is a gift from God and that He would never ask me to discount it by having to subscribe to that idea that He plays mind games…

Apparently in one of the more recent general conferences, one of the 12 made a comment of something like “doubt your doubts”…

To be Mormon one has to discount their intelligence and do a great deal of mental Olympian gymnastics…

Glad I got out in the 90s’…I would hate to have to defend Mormonism here in the 21st century…it’s crazy, really crazy.

Must be difficult to defend now with the internet. There is so much information out there about it that I am surprised that it continues to thrive, at least from a financial standpoint.

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When I saw the thread title, I thought someone was suggesting a connection between the LDS and Bank of America.


Maybe they hold some Bank of America stock in their hedge fund.

That was my favorite line of the whole essay.

In light of the BOA essay, I found something very amusing over at FAIR regarding the Book of Joseph (as in Joseph of Egypt). JS had mentioned that the papyri included the Book of Joseph, but JS never got around to translating it.

FAIR addresses a supposed translation of the Book of Joseph which was posted online and said the following:

The burden of proof lies with those who insist that the document was produced by Joseph Smith. They must establish this document’s provenance and authenticity. Until someone can do so, we should consider the online text to be a forgery.

So if I read this Book of Joseph translation and get the same warm, fuzzy feeling that confirms the BOA’s translation and authenticity, does that mean it is also true?

I got that feeling Mormons say prove the b of m is true when I read Harry Potter. That is how I know Hogwartz is true even though no one can find evidence of its existence. I just believe God has hidden evidence of Hogwartz from us to increase our faith.

Me too. In the same way, I also know that Middle Earth existed and that Frodo destroyed the One Ring of Power and that Aragorn is the true King of Gondor.


I love that Agnes. Thanks for the laugh :smiley:

Are any of the writings that Joseph Smith supposedly translated still extant in their original form? I ask just because it seems amazing to me that we have biblical writings in their original languages going back for hundreds and thousands of years, yet for documents that were supposedly extant a little less than 200 years ago, we have little to nothing? I don’t know much at all about the LDS faith, but it just seems logical to me that if the additional writings Mormons hold as canonical were truly divinely inspired as they claim, there would be abundant evidence of these writings similar to what we have with the Bible. :shrug:

Does the LDS church even get how foolish all of this is?

Reading this thread makes me sad because Mormons dont see how their apologists are engaging in truly pathetic arguments.

It’s hit the Washington Post now.

What a PR nightmare for the LDS church!


Too bad the article didn’t inform the public of the conclusions drawn by experts who actually can translate the papyri. Still, the take away from the LDS essay is that it doesn’t matter what is on the papyri. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. Unbelievable!

Marie summed it up perfectly above.

so…with the new truths…we have seen that js did NOT translate the plates, but read from a hat and he sis NOT translate the papyri


and ignored in all this is something critical


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