LDS Bishop Excommunication Hearing Results


LDS Bishop Sam Young, who faced his church court hearing last Sunday for protesting church policy on youth interviews, was not immediately given the council’s decision. Normally a Mormon facing a disciplinary council is given the verdict at the end of the hearing. In this case, because of the media presence and all of his supporters outside the church building, the church decided to hold off giving the verdict in order to avoid bad press.

Instead, the church delivered the verdict letter to Sam’s business later in the week. In order to thwart the church’s obvious attempt to suppress the decision from the public eye, Sam Young decided to not open the letter until tomorrow, which he will do publicly across the street from Temple Square in Salt Lake.


Good for him. We can all guess what the result is as they wouldn’t have been afraid of bad press if he had retained his membership. I’ll have to check in tomorrow for the outcome of the press conference.


Whatever the outcome, how cowardly to leave Sam hanging like that. As if it’s not bad enough going through a discipline court in the first place–then they don’t even have the decency to give him the decision right then and there. Instead they let him sweat it out and then deliver a letter to HIS PLACE OF BUSINESS??? So unbelievably slimy and pathetic.


Good for him to stand up for what he believes in. May the Lord bless him.


Excommunicated. Here is the video of the announcement and his response:

The church tried to take away the power by delaying the verdict until after the press and Sam’s supporters were gone last Sunday in the hopes that this would disappear quietly. Sam took the power back by holding a live press conference to read the verdict for the first time for all to hear.


I have to say that I’m very happy about this although I think it was the epitome of cowardice to inform him via mail instead of the typical way which is at the end of the actual disciplinary council.

God bless Sam Young and may he find peace outside of the wretched cult he is no longer in.


The stories from LDS and former LDS on Sam Young’s group’s website (protectLDSchildren) are heartbreaking…


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