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Today is the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. So our parish Mass featured the children in our school. And afterward there was a time for the parishioners to view the classrooms, etc., along with some fellowship (coffee & donuts). We no longer have children in the school, so we do not know the current school families well.

I found out today that 4 LDS families have enrolled their children in our school. Per our school policy all children must attend the weekly school Mass whether they are Catholic or not.

Although I think it is great that these families are part of our school community, and that they bring many gifts to the school because of their faith, I wonder why LDS families would want to enroll their children in a Catholic School?

I must say that our school is very faithful to the teachings of the Church through her magisterium.


You’d have to ask them directly, but it is possible some of them come from extended families with Catholic members.

Also, it is likely for the same reason as the Muslim family who enrolled their daughter in our Catholic school. The public schools were deemed inadequate by her parents. The girl was told to sit quietly in religion classes and mass and find out what the Catholics believed, but to decline to participate in the blessings and prayers or to use that time to pray according to their way.


wonder why LDS families would want to enroll their children in a Catholic School?

Probably because they have read/heard that on average, Catholic schools tend to out perform other schools.

Catholic teachers tend to be very dedicated. That does not mean that other teachers are not dedicated too, but in my experience Catholic teachers take their vocation very seriously. As a consquence the children benefit from an absolutely first rate education.

My guess that is the reason why :thumbsup:


I can speak to this. 4 years ago we were an active LDS family. I was teaching Gospel Doctrine and my wife was in the relief society presidency. We were worried about our local schools because it was a small district and the emphasis on athletics was out of control. we didn’t think our children would get a good education so we looked at our alternatives. the local catholic school had a great academic program and low cost tuition. We signed up. we were welcomed. the children learned, I was asked to run for advisory council (school board) and was selected. My wife started teaching preschool, by that time I was in the bishopric in my LDS ward. I started to learn and question… My wife and I went to RCIA. we became Catholic and resigned our LDS memberships. Thank God for Catholic Schools. :smiley:

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