LDS Christian?

Is the Mormon church a bona fide Christian Church. I have seen it categorized as a cult on lists of the worlds religions.

It’s most assuredly NOT christian. They have beliefs that are contrary to the faith. Like, not all will go to heaven. Actually, they have it broken down into “terrestrial kingdoms.” Or something like that. One is for the “good” mormons, one if for the “fallen away” mormons, and one for everyone else. They believe that you can be baptized for dead people, thereby saving them after death.

There are plenty of other odd beliefs as well. Some are not even known to the “rank and file” people. The only reason that polygamy was dropped by the mojority of them was so that they could claim statehood for Utah. There is still a minority that believe that polygamy is still supportable. These people occasionally make the news. A few years ago a news program, I think it was dateline, had a bit about one such “family.”

Oh, and when they speak of God, they mean only the God of THIS PARTICULAR PLANET. They believe that a good mormon man can, after death, become a god with his own planet.

“Psudochristian” is the Correct term. They have taken *some *Christian teachings and bastardized them with false prophets and bizarre man-made traditions and ideas.

Their Bible is also not the Christian Bible. On the surface it would look the same, but if you read it, it is some details changed. They also use Christian terminology but have different meanings to those terms.

Even though every one of them will tell you that they are, Latter Day Saints (“Mormons”) are NOT Christian.

For one thing, “their” Christ is not OURS!

Read the tracts on that topic posted at

The “god” that Mormons on Earth worship used to be a man at another universe who became good enough that when he died he got to be a god, himself on Earth.

Oh, SO MANY differences in beliefs from Christianity.

(I’m pasting here just PART of that tract, just to give you an idea of what the Mormons believe about Jesus Christ. There’s more at this tract on Gods of the Mormon Church, that includes about the Father and the Holy Ghost)
Jesus Christ

According to Morman teaching, at one point in the eternities past, this man-become-God, or “Heavenly Father,” begat the spirit body of his first son. Together with his heavenly wife, the Father raised his son in the council of the gods.

Before the creation of this world, Jesus Christ presented to his father a plan of salvation which would enable the billions of future human beings the opportunity of passing through mortality and returning to heaven, there to become gods of their own worlds. At the same time, another son of the Heavenly Father and brother of Christ offered a competing plan. When Christ’s was chosen, the rejected Lucifer led a rebellion of one-third of the population of the heavens and was cast out.

In time, Mormans believe, the Heavenly Father came to earth and had physical, sexual intercourse with the Virgin Mary. Rejecting both the testimony of Scripture (Luke 1:34-35) and the constant teaching of the Christian Church, Mormons believe Christ was conceived by the Father, and not by the Holy Spirit. (Journal of Discourses 2:268.)

Moreover, Mormans teach that Christ is a secondary, inferior god. He does not exist from all eternity. (Nor, for that matter, does his Father.) He was first made by a union of his heavenly parents. After having been reared and taught in the heavens, he achieved a certain divine stature. Through carnal relations with her Heavenly Father, the Virgin became pregnant with this lesser god.

Mormons now believe that Christ’s divinity is virtually equal to that of his Father’s. As we have seen, this is a compromised godhood: Jesus Christ merely joins the end of a long line of gods who have preceded him, an infinite “regression” of divine beings whose origin Mormons cannot explain. (Nor, for that matter, can they explain its end, as we will see when we discuss the doctrine of men becoming gods.) **

Although I’ve known some very wonderful Mormons, including relatives of mine, I can’t in good concience call them Christians, even in the interest of Charity. They reject the most fundamental aspects of Christianity, including the very words of Christ himself when he called himself “I AM”. They deny that Christ and God, the Father are the same being, and they deny numerous other fundamental teachings.

At best they can be called psuedochristians, or a religion that borrows much from Christianity. To call them Christians, however, does Mormons AND Christians a disservice, IMO.

[quote=hermit]Is the Mormon church a bona fide Christian Church. I have seen it categorized as a cult on lists of the worlds religions.

Nope. They deny the most Holy Trinity.

…and I’m not just being heartless either. I come from an Arian family, and realize they aren’t Xians either.


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