LDS Church asks Mormons to quit attending the Mormon Church


“There is no specific Mormon prohibition of Masonry, but church spokesman Don LeFevre said the church discourages its members from joining it or similar groups. ‘The church strongly advises its members not to affiliate with organizations that are secret, oath-bound, or would cause them to lose interest in church activities.’” (Salt Lake Tribune, Section D1, Monday Feb. 17, 1992).


So the mormon organization is encouraging it’s members not to participate in the mormon “church?”

Let’s see, Secret? yes, oath-bound? yes, WOW! It’s the mormon “church” all right.:thumbsup:


It’s ok to be a secret and oath-bound mormon as long as it doesn’t “cause them to lose interest in church activities”. It is ironic though, seeing as how the secrets and oaths of mormonism are based on masonic rituals. And that Joseph Smith, Brigham Young and many other early mormon leaders were masons.


Agreed! That part is really funny. Joe Smith was so enamored of Freemasonry that three weeks after he became a Mason, he developed the mormon temple ritual. Maybe the mormon organization doesn’t want it’s members to find out that they have ripped off the Masons for their so-called “endowment” ceremony.:smiley:


Sometimes going to the temple causes members to become less interested in being involved in church activities …


Especially if you have to stay constantly wet getting “baptized” for all those dead folks. I wonder if they would entertain a wet-suit concession inside the temple?:smiley:


This may help. I would not put that much weight into freemasonry. I sometimes think that people today believe the early saints to be stupid. It seems not to have phased the early mormons very much.


This may also help in the search for masonry and the lds church. Greg is a free mason and a mormon.


Don’t expect to get a lot of good information from FairLDS or whatever it is.

The reality is I have talked to Masons who became active members of the Mormon Church. One of them was a Bishop at the time he made the statement that he really freaked out when he realized how close the Masonic rites were to the Mormon temple. Many of the things that were most alike were removed when the LDS temple ordinance was changed in 1990. That was about the time I was beginning to discover some of the Book of Mormon problems and it quite frankly bothered me a lot that temple ordinances could be changed like that. It bothered me even more when I later found out they were changed because a survey was done and many members indicated they didn’t like certain aspects of the temple ceremony. Those were the things that were changed.

Here’s an article about the survey:

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