LDS Church issues guidance regarding SSM

Just FYI. As many of you know, Utah has been a recent flashpoint in the battle over same-gender “marriage”. Here is an article in the Deseret News regarding the most recent guidance given by LDS Church leaders to LDS members:

Though I’m not a fan of the LSD liturgy and theology, I respect the LDS moral compass and the ability of their members to put that morality and virtue into the world in both word and practice.

This letter is a good example of that LDS virtue.

Kudos to the LDS leadership! Their position as articulated in the article is well reasoned, maintaining charity and civility, not unlike the official position and teaching of the Catholic Church, as the SSM juggernaut is advancing, away from the common good.

People of different faiths – Mormons, Muslims, Catholics and other Christians, even some enlightened atheists and humanists – need to rally against SSM, a social evil that has become the “red line” of politics.

It is becoming a fight to the death. The death of marriage as an institution, following a most radical re-defining of marriage, i.e., gender-neutral and based on emotion and sentimentality.

From Brendan O’Neill, editor of Spiked!:
What we’re witnessing here is the state determination that the role of marriage that has been carved out by numerous communities over immensely long periods of time, free of state guidance, no longer has any relevance or cultural worth, since now, by state decree, marriage is about ‘love and commitment’ rather than having the ‘distinguishing purpose [of] having and raising children’.

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