LDS: For the Strength of Youth

I found this document yesterday and I must say, it is a great resource. For the Strength of Youth is a guide the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS, Mormon) put out in 2001 as a moral guide for youth. It covers topics such as: education, family, friends, dating, sexuality, honesty, physical health, language, media/entertainment, and dress.

Although I am not a Mormon, I applaud the LDS church for having this guide!

Here is a link:

Your thoughts?

Thanks for posting this. I had forgotten…(since my youngest is 26) and haven’t read it for awhile. It’s good advice for the “oldth,” too. :wink:

It’s also, even if I am a Mormon and probably shouldn’t be saying this, pretty good advice for everybody. I don’t think Catholics would find anything objectionable in it! (well, except for the coffee/tea/cigarettes and booze bit, but even then it’s still true that these things are very easily abused and can be addictive.)

I totally agree with you. The reason why I posted it on here was so that Catholics could see this. I personally didn’t find anything in here that is objectionable. It’s great advice on morals in a simple and easy to use format (which is one of the reasons why I like it). It’s easy to reference and look at individual topics.

I believe it is a good guide and wonderful document that should be helpful to all youth of any faith.

And yes, I may not agree with the whole coffee thing since I’m Cuban and we love our Cuban coffee (Cafe Cubano!) I understand where the church is coming from and it’s true that it is easily abused and addictive.

So well done, LDS church!

*For the Strength of Youth *is a document that I, a Catholic, will be using!

Although I am now Catholic, I was raised a Mormon and I think that what I learned as far as behaviour and morals are concerned has helped me as an adult. I do appreciate that from the Mormon Church and I know that other Mormon youngsters can and will certainly benefit from it.

I think people of all faiths can benefit from it. From reading it, it seems like I could!

Have you read the writings of St. Josemaria Escriva?

I sure miss the days of the Baltimore Cathechism! I wish they would bring it back. Kids were clearly taught right from wrong.

So is ice cream.


Too much of that wouldn’t be in the spirit of the Word of Wisdom, either. :wink:

Especially mocha…

Thank you for your comments. If you click on the small tab at the top left corner of that page that says “View,” you will be able to see (and print) it in a more readable PDF format.

so can chocolate, sodas, etc. That many, many Mormons eat and drink.

I have always admired the LDS teachings on sex, drinking, smoking, etc. As I have never smoked or drank alcohol in my life, those teachings are part of what attracted me to the LDS Church in 1983.

I also have always admired the teachings regarding family, etc. I think Family Home Evening is an awesome practice.

One can usually find good in all faiths. The issue is not the good things they do, but the truth of their claims. What good is it if I am the nicest, most helpful guy on earth if I walk around claiming I am the king of England?

I know a couple of folks who are satanists. They are really good people. They do good things. They don’t smoke or drink. They teach good moral values. They are always helpful. Does that mean they are following God? Does that mean they have authority? I submit it does not.

If I was Satan, and I knew there people out there who could not be tempted by the ordianry things like sex, drugs, alcohol, how would I get them? I would create fake churches that sound good, look good, and appear good, make false prophets, make additional scriptures, etc. That would tempt the folks I could not get other ways.

Mormons are essentially very good people who are following false prophets. That is dangerous. We need to keep praying for them

SirThomasMore, I was hoping to just keep this thread about the booklet For The Strength of Youth and not about the legitimacy of LDS doctrine.

I’ve never met anyone Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran, and on and on who wouldn’t agree with this.

Never use tobacco products, such as cigarettes, snuff, chewing tobacco, cigars, and pipe tobacco. They are very addictive and will damage your body and shorten your life

Because the use of tobacco wouldn’t be seen as a reason to withhold baptism it doesn’t follow that Non-LDS folks would find the advice against it’s use objectionable. Ya know if it was only LDS who were opposed to tobacco, people would still be smoking in bars, restaurants, offices, factories etc. It used to be the only place you saw a NO SMOKING sign was in a theater, before people got tired of it and cleaned up the air around them. Along the same line, I doubt it was the LDS alone who managed to restrict tobacco companies advertising either. But of course it’s only the LDS who are opposed to smoking:rolleyes:

And I notice that coffee and tea are advised against on the basis of health not because it’s something on covenants to eschew as people here keep insisting.

Maybe so, but I will always make sure people do not mistake the good for the reality

I noticed that, too.

It irritated me. :wink:

The Mormons have one of the best and most comprehensive programs for youth. I totally admire them in that respect.

lots of folks are against smoking. I have never smoked…long before I was LDS. The fact is people have known long before Joe that smoking could be harmful…

Look a little deeper into this guide…these are NOT suggestions, they are mandates…

Confess to a bishop who might be a dentist…you would want someone like that to question your children on whether they might impure thoughts…then bring them to a Love Court…you would want someone like that to question you for your temple recommend.

Families…so important…as to exclude any family member who is non Mormon or does not hold a temple recommend…families are so important right…wrong.

Young adults rushing into marriage with little or no education…they are told to do this…they didn’t mention that did they? Whoops…

Pay for your Mission…two years…college it can wait…oh and when you return get married…right away…

Education important…not if it means reading anything against Church beliefs…forget Joe Smith had many wives…oh and it doesn’t mean to read In Sacred Lonliness…which is enough to cause many Mormons to sign in resignation letters.

Doesn’t mention the garments…nor does it mention blood oaths in the Temple…endowments…or your marriage as you stand in line with many others and are hustled through the temple in a meaningless ceremony that scares you to death…

Just many of the “things” not listed.


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