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I question I have always pondered and have asked professors at both BYU and BYU-Idaho. Hoping some of our LDS friends can clarify. And I’ll be using references and terminology unique to the LDS church.

We know that under the direction of Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and Michael organized this earth. Other worlds? We do not know if they took part in it’s creation. Now, when Christ came down and sacrificed His life, He completed the Atonement. Does Christ’s Atonement cover the entire Universe? Since we believe in a progression of gods, would there have to be other Christ’s in other Universes who performed the same thing for their Universe and god? Same plan of salvations?

Also, everyone i’ve talked to about this tells me “this is deep doctrine that really doesn’t pertain to us since it’s outside our knowledge”. I always have a problem with that because why would Heavenly Father tell us about progression of gods and then not let us explore that knowledge? If He didn’t want us to know about other worlds and what goes on over there, why do we know about them in the first place?

Since the LDS church has taught that Heavenly Father was the Christ of another world, it makes sense that every world (or every universe - take your pick) has its own Christ. The first-born in the spirit of every heavenly father would be the savior of that heavenly father’s world.

The LDS temple endowment film has Lucifer saying, when confronted by Jehovah for tempting Eve, "I have only done that which has been done on other worlds. So this salvation drama has taken place on other worlds created by other gods.

They don’t talk about it much in public, but the scenario is widely known among them.

Paul (formerly LDS, now happily Catholic)

well the difference between universe and planet is actually quite big. the latter infers that each planet under Heavenly Father’s domain has it’s “own” Jesus Christ. So does Jesus Christ Atonement account for ALL of Heavenly fathers creations, including those on other planets and why THIS earth?

I’ve been taught that this earth, harbors both the most wicked and most righteous of Heavenly Fathers sons and daughters. And that during the time of the Romans, the most wicked were on the earth. I don’t have a reference for this, could an LDS either back or correct this theology?

This is what I was taught when LDS. Never made much sense to me that this event is repeated ad infinitum. Please don’t come back with, well that’s what happens in the Catholic mass. It isn’t, our saviour’ s sacrifice over arches time. Though it happened 2000 years ago, it is eternal and is still that real, once and for all event today.

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