I figure that I can put this here since part of my post is a reference to Mormonism’s use of their own version of the Bible. I happened to see a post on my friends Facebook page, and of course this individual is Mormon but the post was how this friend of mine has the thought that God sent a personal revelatory answer to his prayers about how the LDS version of the bible is the only true and legit Bible version on the earth today and that is supersedes other bibles, sadly, what my friend does not realize is that the LDS bible was changed by Joseph Smith to make it look more alike with LDS teaching or at least some of the verses and footnotes were, it sickens me that he did that. I’d love to make my friend see reason, but he is highly ingrained in the LDS faith. I’m on my way out. I use the RSV-CE #2 now.

My KJV bible that was “LDS” (not sure of the edition, I am guessing late 80’s )doesnt actually insert the JS translation into the the actual text, but rather uses footnotes for the JST.

If one doesnt read the footnotes one doesnt read any of the changes JS made…

It is then only a KJV.

HAve they changed that?

No the JST is still in the footnotes and at the back of the LDS KJV. At least it was that way when I purchased a set of LDS scriptures in 2007. I also now use the RSV-2CE and I am very happy with it.

Last summer, the LDS church released a new version of the Book of Mormon and Doctrine & Covenants. They changed some of the headings to whitewash some of the controversial issues. For example, they changed the introduction of the BOM to state that the Lamanites are among the ancestors of Native Americans rather than the principle ancestors. They also changed the heading of Official Declaration 1 in the Doctrine & Covenants to state that monogamy is God’s standard for marriage unless declared otherwise. It is so easy to quietly make these changes to electronic versions of the LDS scriptures.

I love the RSV-CE edition:)
As to the JS version isn’t the copyright for that owned by another church? How can it be legit if the LDS church is not willing to pay another church to use it?

The RLDS gave permission for the LDS Church to use the JST in its footnotes and the sections that are in the PoGP. The RLDS are not interested in selling the copyright.

Without control over the JST, to change it, modify it, remove from it, add to it as is done with all other LDS scripture, the JST remains uncanonized, except what is in the PoGP. Footnotes are not scripture, but are very integral to how Mormons interpret scripture…in error.

The irony is, the KJV was purposely produced without footnotes, as the view of the time and place was, that footnotes corrupted the pure message of the Bible.

The 1611 KJV had no interpretive footnotes in the body of the text. But it did have cross-references and alternate translations throughout in the margins. By one count those numbered over 8,000.

Here is a link to a rather… ahem… colorful website opposing KJV-only-ism, but I’m including it because he posted a bunch of pictures of the 1611 manuscript where you can see the margin notes.

In lieu of footnotes, the 1611 translators wrote a rather lengthy preface entitled THE TRANSLATORS TO THE READER. This explains much of the translators’ bias and particular word-usage.
You can read this in modern English here:


I thank my grandmother for all the prayers she said for me, for all the Masses she had said for me, and for all the rosaries she prayed for me…

Because of her faith, I am were I am at today, and I am humbled…

For clarity’s sake, the change of the Introduction in the Book of Mormon from “principal ancestors” to “among the ancestors” occurred a couple years ago, prior to last year’s changes in the headings of the LDS scriptures.

Isn’t the only apologia needed for this to point out that the original KJV and the subsequent versions do not coincide with each other as to which books are included? A glaring point no one denies, that is, no one that wants to continue the argument. :shrug:


Thru the years, the LDS Scriptures have changed just as their history has changed and just as their doctrine has changed and just as their prophesies have changed. For example: As prophesies have been shown to be false have come about, like the world ending in the 1800s, who and where and when the prophesy occurred has changed.

When it was clear black people were not turning white, the scripture that said they would was changed to “pure” rather than white".

When it was clear DNA disproved all the js said, the new LDS Triple was subtly changed to reflect that.

All the is the LDS Church is a moving target. If there is nothing else that can disprove a church, this is all you need.

Spot on. :thumbsup:

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