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This has been bothering me for a while. It is something of a sensitive nature and I wish not to offend anyone - I’m just wondering if it’s true? It really bothers me…

My husband was on a road trip with an LDS friend some time ago when they got on the subject of religion. My husband’s friend was married in the Salt Lake LDS temple but unfortunately the marriage ended in divorce. He seemed to be searching for something, truth, and confided in my husband something about the ceremony that had apparently haunted him for a while and led to his disillusionment with the LDS church.

He said that he and his new wife had to consumate the marriage in the temple with church elders present behind a curtain, supposedly to confirm the consummation had taken place.

My husband is a very truthful and upright person, I don’t doubt that he heard this from his friend, I’m just wondering if his friend was being truthful? I have friends and family in the LDS church and know that not everyone is privy to certain ceremonies and such based on merit or worthiness, so I’m sure that if this does occur, it doesn’t happen to all LDS.


No. Your husband’s friend did not tell the truth. My wife and I were married in the temple over 30 years ago in a very simple and for us a quite moving ceremony. There was absolutely no “consummation of the marriage in the temple”.


Hi Jennifer

I don’t usually intrude into the discussions on this board. However, this sincere question asked by Jennifer, I believe needs to be answer by an active LDS that has been married in the temple.

The simple and only answer is, no Jennifer, I think your husband’s friend was pulling his leg. However, I think I have read this somewhere else. I’m reading a lot of urban legend type things over the net, referring to beliefs and practices of LDS, and that are quite comical.

Hope this helps. I know there are other LDS people that frequent this board they might want to add something

Your friend


It would be interesting to know if there are similar urban legends about Catholic beliefs and traditions



Jennifer, Thank you sincerely for asking. Many people would have just taken something like that as gospel and repeateded without end without ever taking the time to find out if it was even true or not.

Several years ago, I was in an LDS chat room one sunday evening when a lady came in and quite hystericly began begging everyone in the room to stop sacrificing infants on the alters in the temple. Needles to say the whole room fell into a stunned silence. We immediately began trying to re-assure her that such a horrible act would be beyond any comprehention, but she remained adament because, as she later told us when she calmed down a bit, that she was Church of God, and her pastor had preaced this blasphemy from the pulpit it’s-self :eek:

Where the Pastor got it no one really knows, but here is a man who has the full faith of an entire congregation failing to check his facts before bearing false witness against his neighbors.

Paul >> Oh yes, I grew up in “the Bible Belt” and have heard all kinds of ludicrous charges levied against the Catholics. Even though I was raised protestant, I knew these were so stupid they were almost laughable.

The only “urban legand” I can remember now though is that Catholics are Idolitors because they pray to statues! :eek:

I only remember this because I was in second grade at the time, and went toe-to-toe with a sixth-grader on the issue (even though I was Baptist at the time, and so was he).


I’m glad to hear that it’s not the case, but it brings up another question as to why he said such a thing as if he experienced it? :frowning:

Anyway - I was kind of afraid it was urban legend, afraid in that some people would spread something so outlandish. I should have figured - I heard a priest once say that he had heard of a belief that Catholics also sacrifice their babies to get ashes for Ash Wednesday. :eek:

Thanks for being so understanding in that I was just trying to get the truth.


Perhaps the issues around the divorce created some resentment. It’s hard to say why he would say something like


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