Le Pen is on course to be France's next president, fund manager says from AI analysis


Marine Le Pen is on course to be the next president of France, according to one fund manager’s big-data analysis.
Arun Kant, chief executive and chief investment officer at Singapore-based investing firm Leonie Hill Capital, told CNBC he expected the right-wing populist to prevail thanks to his firm’s proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) system’s analysis of troves of data.
His analysis — which he said incorporates inputs such as social and traditional media discussions, polling, economics and demographics — predicts that Le Pen will “walk over” her opponents in the first electoral test and then prove most forecasters wrong and steal the lead in the second ballot, Kant said.



If something good could come out of the nightly riots in Paris, it would be her election.


How would her election be good? She’s anti-Catholic and pro-abortion.


Interestinger and interestinger.


I hope and pray that cold- hearted woman is never elected.


A just society can never be built on the slaughter of the unborn. :dts:


Well, I’d say it’s hers to lose.


There’s much I disagree with her on, but the country needs someone who will take a hard line on immigration, radical Islam, and the EU.


Marine Le Pen is pro-abortion and thoroughly anti-Catholic, but I think that the anti-immigrant, fascist-leaning members of CAF will probably be quite captivated by her granddaughter, Marion Le Pen. She bills herself as a Traditionalist Catholic, and in my opinion is the interesting one in that family, and the one worth keeping an eye on. She may well become a threat to the faith somewhere down the line.





Are you saying the granddaughter may become a threat to the faith? You say she’s a traditionalist Catholic. Why is that a threat? Is she SSPX or something?


There is NO Catholic argument supporting her. If you do - you’re a racist, facist, and overall lacking in empathy. Sorry.


Oh, no, I just meant public relations-wise. :shrug: Because she’s extremely far-right, and just doesn’t seem representative of the Church to me.


I haven’t read enough about her to even begin to form an opinion. But being far right (and everybody has his own definition of that) doesn’t necessarily preclude being Catholic any more than being far left ensures it.

Might be better for France if it did get a does both some Catholic traditionalism and conservatism one of these times. It can always go back to being anti-Catholic and socialistic.


I don’t know. The Front National party is routinely linked with neo-Nazis, and having an outspoken Roman Catholic leading that organization would likely have an anti-evangelization effect. But if it’s true that ethnic French people are an oppressed minority in France, then maybe someone like her is necessary. :shrug: I tend to strongly doubt that, because it’s the exact opposite of my political orientation, but I really don’t know France at all. I’ve visited the place a few times, but I couldn’t honestly say whether the anti-Islam hysteria is overblown or not.



Yes post white nationalist memes to make your point.


That’s not nationalist. It’s just boring to hear liberals think they get to decide what is racist and what isn’t.

No one cares.


Without sound fundamentals, it’s just dying from a paper-cut instead of a gun-shot wound.


France is just continuing to get what she wanted. Or at least what the Parisian mob wanted.

They murdered the King and excised the Church from public view, thus discarding the two pillars that made France what she was. They wanted a secular, democratic France so God gave them a secular, democratic France. Good and hard. They didn’t learn their lesson the first time so after two centuries and a Reign of Terror, a war against all of Europe, two empires, two constitutional monarchies, five republics, a “fascist” State of France, and let’s not forget that time Paris was overrun by a violent Communist mob, here we are. Still having learned nothing.


Marine Le Pen is not anti-Semitic or racist. She actually kicked her own father out of the Party for such sentiments.

She appears to be more conservative than far-right. Besides, as time passes liberals become ultra-liberal and moderates become liberal. The true conservatives of a few years ago have become moderate and the ultra conservatives are simply conservative. As everything is moving to the left little by little, I would call Trump Ultra -conservative rather than “far-right”.
jmo, feel free to disagree.

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