Le Pen Moves Into Lead in French Race, Le Monde Poll Shows


Marine Le Pen is gaining support in France and has taken the lead in a major survey of voters’ intentions for the first round of the presidential election.

The populist leader of the National Front had between 25 percent and 26 percent support compared with 23 percent to 25 percent for Republican candidate Francois Fillon, according to an Ipsos Sopra Steria poll for Cevipof and Le Monde. In mid December, Fillon led with about 28 percent and Le Pen around 25 percent.





Why is that good?

Her poll ratings demonstrate that she would still lose the final run-off by a wide margin. And Macron is gaining considerably, as the article in the OP states if you read it in full.

But that aside - why is the projected success of a Nazi-sympathizing daughter of a Holocaust denier and rabid secularist anticlerical a positive development?


You realize she’s an awful person that is riding a crest of fascism in the western world?


At Trump tower.



Possibly because it’s seen as a way of destabilising Europe?


Maybe there’s some hope for Western Europe afterall. :thumbsup:


Oh yes, probably.


Hope for them in the form of a far-right racist who is not only not a practising Catholic but has actively attacked the Church?

It amazes me to no end that American religious conservatives would apparently prefer such a woman to a man, Fillon, who is a religious conservative and devout, practising Catholic.


It’s the usual American syndrome that if you’re"Conservative" everything right wing is marvellous and everything"Liberal" is the devil incarnate, and vice versa. Completely incapable of nuanced thought. That’s why history has to be re-written or facts denied, if it doesn’t fit in with this narrative.


I can see Le Pen pulling this off - especially if she models herself as sort of a Theresa May figure - nationalism, anti-EU candidate, control immigration, migration. Depending on the number of terrorist attacks between now and then, this could work (the more the more beneficial, or if they occur in France). However, the French are at their core at home on the left, socialism, and my guess is that they really hate Trump. They could vote against populism, in support of the left as a protest statement against Trump. As I say though, they can’t stick their head in the sand anymore about ISIS, the increasing instability of the EU and Merkel, the rising influence of Islam in France. Necessity might just force them to go with the right - Le Pen or Fillon, who knows. Knowing the French, they will want their lurch to the populist right to be first and foremost FRENCH, not Anglo in ANY WAY SHAPE OF FORM. * Merci*. Translation: Le Pen has a shot. I should add that I don’t think Le Pen is a fascist and I think the right is better for France than the left.


“the more the more beneficial”

i mean, this is the worst thing I’ve read on the internet today, and I’ve read some sewage.


noun: irony

the expression of one's meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.
"“Don't go overboard with the gratitude,” he rejoined with heavy irony"
synonyms:	sarcasm, causticity, cynicism, mockery, satire, sardonicism
"that note of irony in her voice"


Le Pen as a “Theresa May figure”…how offensive to Prime Minister May :confused: May would be nothing short of mortified to find herself compared with Le Pen.

For a start, May might exhibit faux and hackneyed Little Englander “patriotic” tendencies that grate me but she is a vociferous proponent of free trade and does not subscribe to the ‘economic protectionism’ espoused by Le Pen.

May is a stern opponent of Russian revanchism and wants to deepen European security against the threat posed by Putin. Le Pen is funded by a Russian bank and wants to draw France into Putin’s orbit by pulling out of NATO.

May is not and has never been “anti-EU”. Her pet-peeve has always been the ECHR and the European Convention on Human Rights, not the European Union. She originally positioned herself on the pro-EU “Remain” side - albeit quietly in her usual understated way - and had been an enthusiastic advocate of the Single Market. Her mandate rests upon the Brexit referendum so she must pursue it to the fullest or effectively go against her very purpose for being in the job she currently occupies by virtue of it but she does not bear ill-will towards the EU or desire that it be weakened. Consider this article published today:


**Theresa May to emphasise value of EU and Nato to Trump

Prime minister will urge new president not to undermine European unity

Theresa May will urge Donald Trump not to undermine European unity when she meets him in Washington within days, insisting that Britain sees a strong EU as a crucial partner on both economic and security issues.

Mrs May told the Financial Times in an interview that she expected to have “very frank” discussions with the new president when she visits Washington, saying honesty was a key element of what she believed would be “a very special relationship”…

The British prime minister said she wanted to make early progress towards a US-UK trade deal, but she also made it clear that she did not share Mr Trump’s insouciant approach to the possibility of the EU starting to disintegrate.

Speaking at the end of a week in which she set out for the first time her plan for Brexit, Mrs May said: “The decision taken by the UK was not a decision about breaking up the EU. I want the EU to continue to be strong and I want to continue to have a close and strategic partnership with the EU. It is important for security issues. With the threats we face it’s not the time for less co-operation.”**

Unlike the religiously unobservant anticlericalist Le Pen, May is a sincere and practising Christian who also happens to be a vicar’s daughter. Le Pen is the daughter of a Holocaust denier and anti-Semite.

The only thing you have got right above is that May wants to control immigration - if only that were all Le Pen wanted. And yes, she is the leader of a fascist party.

I have my disagreements with Ms. May - significant disagreements - but dragging her name down into the mud with someone of Le Pen’s ilk is uncalled for.

In most areas, they couldn’t be more opposed - and I say that as someone who really doesn’t like May’s politics or vision for Britain.


I was not comparing them. I was saying that Theresa May presents a model to copy. I admire Theresa May very much, and have supported her all along - completely. My reference to Le Pen using May as a model was intended as a compliment. Theresa May is I think now the most important leader in Europe. Someone to look up to, to steal from if you will. I meant that Le Pen could cultivate the image, precisely because May is more moderate, more capable, more impressive. It is people like May who will save Europe from fascism. Modelling herself on May would cast Le Pen in a ‘more acceptable’ light, as a candidate. Class her up. I am speaking in terms of campaigning; the thread is about the election. Again, I don’t believe Le Pen is a fascist. I think she is a hard right nationalist, populist figure.


This world is lost.


There was zero irony


:thumbsup: I agree!


I doubt the average French voter decides by the lead of the US who they will support. I do think the pendulum swing is to support populism as the antidote to globalists. And if that means moving away from the globalist movement so be it.

I’m encouraged by this.


A lot of Americans don’t bother to learn about foreign candidates so much. A lot of American neo-cons backed Blair in the Iraq War but would not like his domestic policies one bit. And oh, has Labour really fallen since then!

LePen is way too pro-choice, and there’s no way I can support her. Trading an unspecified “renegotiation with the EU” is absolutely not worth the slaughter of the unborn.

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