"Lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy."


So ends the Oh My Jesus prayer. I’ve always understood that it is wrong to hope that people we don’t like go to Hell, but does that mean that we should be happy if it turns out that someone like, say, Adolf Hitler had his sins forgiven and is spending eternity in Heaven (probably after a period of time in Purgatory) when we assumed that he was condemned to his eternal comeuppance? Should we pray for the forgiveness of such people and hope that they do go to Heaven, or would it be wrong for us to petition to God for the forgiveness of someone who committed such atrocities as Hitler that they might be spared divine retribution?


It would not be wrong; in fact, it would be very, very right to pray for the salvation of even the most hardened sinners, like Hitler. Another soul to give honor and glory to God for all eternity — and another outpouring of God’s wonderful mercy — what could be better than that?

We can’t give up on anyone. NO sin is greater than God’s mercy.


It is only human nature to want retribution for the henious acts committed by people like Hitler and others, but it helps to remember that Our Lord, while suffering and dying on the Cross, asked His Father to forgive those who committed such henious acts against Him, and also that He suffered and died for people like Hitler, too. So, no, it is not wrong to petition to God for the forgiveness of such people, as that is what He, Himself did.


Yes, we should pray that they repent, turn from their evil ways and come to God.

Just as Paul did evil things, persecuting and murdering the first Christians, but was turned to God and became a Prince of the Church, one of these evil men, like Robert Mugabe, Osama bin Laden, Abu Bakr Bashir, drug lords, the list goes on and on, might do the same. There will be much rejoicing in heaven if these who are lost and dead are found and come to life in Christ.



but does that mean that we should be happy if it turns out that someone like, say, Adolf Hitler had his sins forgiven and is spending eternity in Heaven

If you’re unhappy about someone being in heaven, it’s not very likely you’ll be there yourself.


I think I would pray for justice for that person…


Luke 15:7

Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance.


I’ve read somewhere, that this person doesn’t want anyone to go to hell. I think we need to have the same mindset, by begging God to grant the grace of conversion for hardened sinners.


Dear Larowyn

  1. If you read Matthew Chapter 20, verses 1-16, you will be acquainted with God’s answer to your question. Jesus makes the answer plain in His parable of the vineyard labourers…in generosity also to the last comer.

2 & 3) Read also Luke Chapter 15 verses 4-10, Jesus show’s God’s attitude to repentant sinners and strayed souls

  1. Then read Luke 11-32…

And then you will know what God requires of us, the generosity and prayer that God desires of us in the matter of sinners, even those who repent late in life.


I would leave all the above to God. Still, I know what you mean. I dislike a certain co-worker so much, I feel consoled by those passages in the Bible that reassure me people like her will be punished by God. On a more positive note, I have prayed for her at times.


I would think that those people who think themselves righteous and see someone who committed immoral acts with their sins being more powerful than God and His mercy may be in for a rude surprise when they find themself in Hell and the repentant sinner in Heaven.


In one of my classes I commented on the picture of Jesus as Shepherd carrying a lamb in His arms with His face buried in its fleece. I noted that we might regard the lamb as Jeff Dahmer. One of my students was really distressed at that image.

Somewhat later I read in Chuck Colson’s prison paper that Jeff had gotten religion in prison and had been baptized. [Interestingly, he had wanted to be baptized in the Name of Jesus, but the evangelical who baptized him insisted on using the Trinitarian formula.] Three months later, after having worked hard to live up to his conversion, he was murdered by another inmate. While we cannot judge his fate, he appears to have satisfied all the requirements for a straight path to Heaven.


Well if Hitler is in heaven, then rejoice because God is a more merciful God than we could ever imagine.

Besides, it could very well be, that Hitler was insane and not fully responsible for his behavior.

God sees the big picture, we don’t, so place your trust hin Him.



Wouldn’t it be great if our prayers worked and all people did repent and was in heaven because of our prayers? Even the most evil of people?


The particular prayer mentioned, Oh My Jesus…lead all souls to heaven was taught to children by angels, so that is what we should pray with all of our hearts.

These same children were given a vision of heaven and hell, and the souls therein…


We can sure hope! “All things are possible to God”…


If you think about hell, a place of unceasing torment for all eternity with no hope of any relief ever, it is impossible to not beg God to spare souls from going there, not matter how evil they seem to us.


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