Leader of Kiev Orthodox Church: "Putin is under Satan's influence"


“With great regret I must now say publicly that among the rulers of this world … there has appeared a new Cain, not by his name but by his deeds,” Patriarch Filaret said, invoking the Biblical character who killed his brother Abel.

“Like the first fratricide of history Cain, these deeds show that the afore-mentioned ruler has fallen under the action of Satan,” he said in the statement, published on the patriarchate’s website in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Full article: news.yahoo.com/putin-under-satans-influence-leader-kiev-orthodox-church-142555843.html

Your thoughts?


That would be like quoting a sedevacantist. He is the patriarch of a non-canonical body. One that I might add broke away from the Moscow Patriarchate. They are very anti-Russian.


I myself can not judge but I have read some internet conversations that say the ROC likewise may be acting for the government of Russia.


Oh the irony. Putin was a quite a one hit wonder here on CAF with some people. No Im not gloating. It is not satisfying to see someone who others think of as some kind of a hero or an inspiration, reignite the cold war. Christianity has an apocalyptic element to it. I am just afraid that Vladimir might end up on the wrong side of the plains of Armageddon. :twocents:

PS: I am praying, that he will make good decisions, that he will turn away from war, cold or hot.



It sounds like par for the course over there. One minute you’ve got the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox making wild accusations about the Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox Churches, and now we’ve got the tit for tat response from the Ukrianian Orthodox Church.

I wouldn’t take too much notice - it sounds more political than spiritual to me. No wonder Christ refused to work through the religious hierarchy of the time, with all the inevitable political overtones that would have involved - you know, are you a Mosaic Jew or a Hellenistic Jew? A Roman Jew or a Great Patriotic Jew?

I think we’d just better leave it to the powers that be. The historical background to the current crisis has been centuries in the making.


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