Leading Catholic Exorcist Sees Signs of Demonic Oppression and Possession in Unhinged American Left

Leading Catholic Exorcist Sees Signs of Demonic Oppression and Possession in Unhinged American Left (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Published November 14, 2020 at 9:01am

Guest post by Bill Hennessy

Father Chad Ripperger , a leading Catholic exorcist and author of numerous books on possession, demonic oppression, and deliverance prayers, says the American left appears to be cooperating with demons.

We’ve Seen Demonic Influence All Year

The Gateway Pundit reported in September that Antifa and Black Lives Matterappeared to be getting preternatural help from the forces of evil.

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Then, in October, we learned and reported that Black Lives Matters regularly call on evil spirits to give them power and knowledge.

Democrats and Media Look Possessed

Now, Fr. Chad Ripperger confirms that even the mainstream media mimic a demonic possession or oppression. In a recent episode of the US Grace Force podcast, Fr. Ripperger said:

“you know when they [people]… get caught in something or when their shame is revealed about the sin that they’ve committed, they sometimes become very vociferous and very angry about it and try and push the envelope even more.

Asked how the devil is operating in the United States right now, Fr. Ripperger said:

I think he’s using people quite a bit. I think that’s the principle difficulty—that we have people who are, for lack of a better way of putting it, that they’re basically in league with him [the devil], they actually believe the same things that he does. They want the same goals.

Further, the exorcist tells us Democrats and the media are behaving precisely like demons who are losing their grip on the possessed by claiming rights they do not have:

Once they’ve started to lose control on the inside, the other thing that’s very common is claiming that they’re victorious or that they’ve already won when they really haven’t yet. It hasn’t been proven to actually be the case. Or that they actually have rights or that there are certain things that they have that other people can’t take away from them etc. So it’s very similar to a lot of the things that we’re actually seeing. . . .

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Max von Sydow was unavailable for comment.


Never heard of this priest, and have not come across BLM/Antifa being spiritual. First time I hear both those statements.

I do believe many are being pressed by demons. My reasoning? The atheist are more left than right. So there be more atheist on the left. An atheist does not have to believe in anything and still be oppressed.


:rofl: :rofl:

I wonder if Father Chad is familiar with CCC2478. There are many more favorable ways of interpreting the words and actions of the people he is criticizing.

They are all well-intended, even though there is plenty of ignorance. We are all capable of such.

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Remember after Trump was elected in 2016 ? Hexes by witches ?

Also, the “spirit cooking” thing with Podesta ?

Ed Harris, however, nodded in approval.

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OneSheep. . .

I wonder if Father Chad is familiar with . . .

I’ll tell him if I see him, “OneSheep says to read the catechism.”

OneSheep. Do you have any advice for Fr. Ripperger on his exorcisms too? Or only his spiritual life regarding his interpretations?

OneSheep on Fr. Ripperger’s statements . . .

They are all well-intended, even though there is plenty of ignorance.

Well. I guess that settles that.

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Yes, Fr. Ripperger is also very well-intended! But like all of us, it is good to be reminded of the Catechism.


Well known for his videos on YouTube and comments on many things, best approached with…caution. Some useful points in what he says, also quite a lot of odd stuff and points of view which are his own personal outlooks.

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Is that a ‘The Third Miracle’ reference?

“Leading Catholic Exorcist”? Who decided that? As far as I know he is not even a diocesan exorcist, and basically started his own order of exorcists and set himself up as an exorcist.


Yeah, I noticed that to. Reminds me of the oft-tiresome ‘chief-exorcist of Rome’ or ‘chief exorcist of the Church or the Vatican’ claims you used to get in articles about the later Father Amorth. I’ve listened to a few of Fr. Ripperger’s talks and I’d say there’s some points even for those who are no longer very devout like myself worth bearing in mind but the signal-to-noise ratio is definitely slanted more towards the noise I’d say.


No, Ed Harris was in the movie “Needful Things” about the devil possessing a town, with Max Von Syndow as Lucifer.

He’s an exorcist for the Archdiocese of Denver.

No matter how much some of you posting on this thread wish otherwise.


I would be fine with presenting him as “Fr. Ripperger, who started an order of exorcists” or “Fr. Ripperger, an exorcist who has written several books on spiritual warfare”.
But he’s not “Leading” anything but his own founded order. Which already had to switch dioceses once.

I have been trying for a while to find out how Fr. Ripperger got into exorcisms in the first place. It seems like at one point he was just a parish priest focusing on traditional practice, and then suddenly goes from that to exorcism expert. If anyone knows of a source such as an interview or an article that describes exactly how he went from Point A to Point B with this, please link.


He has faculties there and his order was allowed to move there.

The identities of Archdiocesan exorcists are usually kept quiet. Do you have a source saying he’s actually an exorcist for the Archdiocese as opposed to just being allowed by them to do his work there?

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Probably not likely most media will present things that calmly, not enough sensationalism in there in such descriptions. Much more click-bait in usage of words like ‘leading’ or ‘top’ or ‘chief exorcist’.

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True, if you appear at conferences talking about the same thing a few times and have written books on it, all of a sudden you’re a “leading expert” on the topic.

Most exorcists don’t talk very much publicly about their work or make their identities known, so he’s got a wide open field especially with Fr. Amorth deceased, and very little transparency into his activities because he runs his own order. He may be perfectly legit but the only information we have about his doings comes either from himself or his fans.

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I think the good father is correct about Leftism.

I see the Left as willing to use violence and lies under the guise of social justice by an all powerful state which inevitably ends up a stain on humanity.

I think it is an absence of God while still hanging onto what seems like the trappings of Christian morality.

Key differences can be seen in the use of force, removal of freedoms, extreme confiscation of citizen wealth, relative morals based on power and the demonisation of an identity group who are blamed for inequality.

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