Leading Russian Orthodox official: "the kingdom of freedom' enslaves people"

Speaking at a rally in Moscow, a leading Russian Orthodox official denounced economic oligarchies and the “kingdom of freedom.”"We need a virtuous, self-disciplined Russia, strong in …


. . . as in, “ruled by an autocrat whose every word is law.”

Freedom enslaves people?

Run that one past me again? :confused:

Coming from that particular regime, I suspect its a ploy to keep their people in line. However, the idea itself isn’t absurd. Take the freedom to watch pornography. Let’s say that someone feel completely free to watch porn. For them it is a morally neutral act. Upon watching porn, however, they find themselves unable to stop. Their freedom to watch porn resulted in slavery to porn. Perhaps, in a moral general sense, that’s what the quoted official is getting at.

I think Orwell might have some comments about freedom being slavery etc.

Well said. I can’t believe that this wasn’t more apparent to the other people who got carried away in their criticisms of the Russian official. He is spot on in identifying that much of what the West promotes as “freedoms” and “liberties” will only lead to captivity.

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