Leading Teens?


Hi, I have been recently asked to lead older teens in a bible study class. I am excited that I have been asked to do this but at the same time I am worried because when I was their age I was a bit of a wreck myself. I had my first child without being married first and I really didn’t know about chastity until adulthood. So I’d like to be a good example for them and help them make the right decisions but wouldn’t the teens think I am a hypocrite for talking to them about chastity, etc.?:shrug:



No more so than someone warning them about the dangers of speeding in a car who was speaking from a wheelchair because they got in a wreck speeding and was permanently crippled because of the wreck. I would think this would be a great example and carry much more weight than someone who never had the problem.


Hypocrisy is an active action. By stating your current beliefs while not acting against them you are not guilty of it. Telling your life story, the difficulties you faced therein and what you might have changed with hindsight will be very beneificial to teens. I would be more worried about appearing to be condensending rather than hypocritical. At least when I was younger I viewed the former to be a much greater crime than the latter. Best of luck to you and your new position!
Take care.


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