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I’m looking into short leaflets about various faith topics and moral issues, to reinforce on-going catechesis for parishioners – perhaps offering a new short selection every few weeks. Does your parish provide leaflets at the back of your church? If so, please post a little information about them.

Yes, we had tri-foldleaflets that we copied in black and white on the copier. There were various topics, Baptism, Anointing of the Sick, Icons, The Eastern Church, Sacraments, The Apostles, Christ, The Mass, Reconciliation, Why become Catholic?, Primacy of Peter, Mary the Mother of God, etc I developed them as handouts for RCIA topics originally. After we used them in RCIA and others saw them they also wanted copies. So we put them in a rack in the entry of the Church.

both Our Sunday Visitor and Liguori publish affordable pamphlets on a wide variety of topics with bulk parish pricing. so does E Nedder (those are the little “cartoon” style booklets in bright colors) with a bit less depth, but still a good outreach tool. Some publishers will sell cheaply or throw in a pamphlet rack if you make a contract to order enough to keep it filled. we had one donated so rounded up all the flyers, pamphlets, envelopes, magazines etc. that used to sit on tables and surfaces, and they are now more visible and “move” faster. dont forget to include EWTN program guides. If you want you can add a locked donation box with a slot, but don’t expect to make much

we have also taken aids developed for CCD, Sacramental Prep, RCIA, Confirmation etc. and made our own “handouts” and pamphlets. For instance the Divine Mercy chaplet and novena, which go out on Palm Sunday, and the Novena to the Holy Spirit, which will go out shortly. For these seasonal things we print an explanation in the bulletin or have an after communion announcement. We have in English and Spanish: basic family prayerbook, guide to confession, how-to assist at Mass for visitors, rosary guide, etc. We print our bulletin in-house so have the offset printer that makes these affordable to produce.

Now is first communion “season” so we have guides on the Eucharist, real Presence etc., and will have something on the Holy Spirit for May. Also the Disciples in Mission people have weekly scripture sharing resources they put out and evangelization materials.

One of the best ideas I have seen is the CD rack. I believe it’s Lighthouse Media or something like that. You buy the rack and a supply of CD’s, Offer them by donation $2-$4 bucks apiece. they cost something like a $1 each. You usually get more in than the parish spent to buy them and then you buy more. There are some great CD’s in there. Some people will buy a few listen to them and then pass them around.

Here ya go:


Their founder, Victor R. Claveau, MJ, has been a guest apologist on Catholic Answers live a number of times. Just do a search for his name in the radio recordings section of the Catholic Answers website.

Responses from three of my favorite CA posters! Thank you for your ideas. I’ve looked at the Liguori and OSV websites before, but it would be nice to preview the leaflets before ordering them. I like the idea of CDs also. I’m hoping to offer suggestions to my pastor soon.
Thank you again!

OSV offers a sample pack of 50 popular titles, I imagine Liguori will do the same

also check out Catholic Parent Know How and Catechist Connection from OSV - 8 page magazine size, enough content for a parent meeting on topics, sacraments, morality, Lent etc. And from liguori the pamphlets for kids


Please visit apostleshipofprayer.org - check out the materials available. I work there, and I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have. We’re always coming up with new items, and the website might have some useful resources for you as well.

God bless!

Stephanie Schmude

Thank you again!

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