Leah Darrow, anyone?





Hadn’t heard of her. I didn’t watch either video in its entirety (yet), but I gather that she had some kind of religious conversion. That’s great!


She appeared on The World Over with Raymond Arroyo last night.


I follow her on Instagram, I think for young women especially she’s someone that people can relate to.


Would Leah be proud of a certain actress who never wore a bikini on a certain TV show? What if said actress wore one-piece swimsuits with high leg cuts on said TV show?


She is a popular speaker at Catholic Youth, Young Adult and Women’s events.


She now does plenty of talks and has a book out I believe. She said she encountered the lord during an immodest photoshoot (something about having a vision of God looking at her in disappointment).

She seems like a good role model. I have read the book and I didn’t find it that good, honestly, but I think lots of young teens might like her a lot.


She’s actually been on EWTN a few times


Yea, I like her talks. I discovered her earlier this year when I was listening to EWTN’s Journey Home series. She seems like she’s good at reaching to young women, as one poster noted, and not going the cheesy route (like break dancing priests aka Franciscan U.) or some barefoot youth speaker on stage. There are a couple of women Darrow’s age that have also tapped into the women under 30 youth speakers niche.


I agree that high cut one piece swimsuits are immodest, just as tiny bikinis are. She wrotr a book on modesty, Decent Exposure.

I have viewed her interviewed with Raymond and I thought it was okay. No general men bashing. It was balanced.


Do you think one-piece bathing suits should have modesty panels, fin? They often did during the '40s, '50s, and '60s?


Yes, I don’t see why not. I like the swimsuit styles back in the days. I think they’re pretty, and offered more coverage.

The swimsuit I use is a long tankini paired with boy shorts. It’s similar to a swimdress, like those vintage style ones.


What about a one-piece bathing suit that doesn’t have a modesty panel but does have a low leg cut?


I guess that is okay. When i comes to modesty people have varying opinions,


No offense, but I wonder if Leah would be ashamed to see old footage of herself on America’s Next Top Model.


What’s the point of your question?


Well, goout, I can’t say that Leah was a faithful Catholic during her time on America’s Next Top Model. She certainly is now, but she was actually seen modeling a bikini on that reality show. Considering that she currently speaks out about chastity and modesty…


She wasn’t practing her faith when she was on the show. Her conversion came after the show ended when she was in a photo shoot that she got because of the show.

She walked off the set and called her dad to get her. He drove cross country in his car to pick her up in NYC with no questions asked and then drove her to confession.

It’s a beautiful conversion story and her father is amazing


She regularly talks about all the mistakes she made in order to help young people avoid those same mistakes

She doesn’t shy away from what she did on and off the show during her modeling career


I HIGHLY recommend her Lighthouse Talk from the Augustine Institute (formerly Lighthouse Catholic Media). Not just for young adults, but for old ones too.

Very moving

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