Leah remini left the Scientology and is now a Catholic in fact

Leah Remini left the Church of Scientology in 2013. When she was a baby she was baptized Catholic and is now practicing again. In fact, her daughter was baptized yesterday!

I think that is really cool she came home and her daughter joined too.

You can see photos on her Facebook


I don’t know what it is about Scientology that attracts so many Catholics? I’m glad Leah and her family finally rejected it and came home! Her daughter is beautiful and the show is delightful and charming. :thumbsup:

Good news indeed!I am pretty sure Katie Holms after her divorce with Tom Cruise,returned to her Catholic faith as well.

Good for her!! :thumbsup:

I’ve read some basics about the beliefs of Scientology and I hurt my side I laughed so hard. It sounds like it would make a good science fiction book as opposed to a religion.

I bet it doesn’t make the Church of Scientology happy when they leave and revert back to or join the Catholic Church.

I pray this everyday, but I haven’t seen Suri baptized. Hopefully it was private and we just don’t know.

Scientolgy was a creation by a science fiction writer Ron L Hubard(sp). It drew a lot of money people in and I bet Ron laughed all the way to the bank. I guess you can create anything with paper, pen and a good imagination. Hmm, now where did I put my writing materials…

Right. In fact, the “holy texts” of Scientology are Ron L. Hubbard’s science fiction books, most notably Dianetics. IIRC, the purpose of the creation of Scientology by Hubbard was to disprove all religions as nonsense by creating a religion that he knew was nonsense. It’s unclear whether Hubbard was deist, agnostic, or atheist - but it’s pretty clear that he believed that all religions were wrong and existed primarily for the gullible. And to prove his point, that people would believe anything, he created Scientology - which has evolved to a cross between the Masons (in which there are multiple levels, many of which one has to pay money to get to the next level) and the “Fundamentalist LDS” (in which the members shun and try to discredit anyone who leaves).

Read the book Going Clear. Ron. L Hubbard was crazy

It’s so refreshing to see a celebrity caring about religion at all, especially Catholic. I think I knew she was originally Catholic, and on a few King of Queens episodes, there were references to Carrie and Doug being Catholic. There was the one where they kept meeting up with their priest in a grocery store, and another where they were chosen to be godparents. This is wonderful, and I hope more and more of them start to “come out” in a good way for a change.

I really liked that show. they had such good onscreen charisma. don’t know what their relationship was off camera. a cute tv couple! I didn’t catch any references to being Catholic, but I didn’t get a chance to see many episodes.

I just hope she stays with it, stays true to the faith and is not a CINO*.

*Catholic In Name Only.

The actor who played Doug is a practicing Catholic. He’s good friends with Eduardo Verestegui.

was that Kevin James? Who is Eduardo Verestegui?

DIANETICS is certainly a fictional book, supposedly based on science, but it was not a science fiction or fantasy book, in the usual meaning of the term, as in his earlier pulp writings.The previously recommended GOING CLEAR is a good read. A related book, giving some other useful insights, is STRANGE ANGEL, on John Whiteside Parsons, another fascinating individual, whose “religious” career intersected with Hubbard’s.


He is very handsome. A good spokesperson for Catholicism and the pro-life movement. Thanks for the link. I think I had heard of the movie Bella, but I have never seen it.

Bella’s director, Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, is married to Ali Landry whose has a nice conversion story of her own.

I have never heard of her either!! :eek: I don’t keep up with Hollywood like I used to.

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