LEAKED VIDEO: Google Leadership's Dismayed Reaction to Trump Election |


I don’t do Facebook and I have never bought anything from Amazon and I don’t have a Twitter account. I would happily give up Google. Happy days for me would be when all 4 were gone!


TRUMP 2020 :stuck_out_tongue:


why do you make this stuff up?

Our CO2 levels are still on a downward trend.

Pollution is not increasing

The people lying in PR seemed to be the local officials. Whole lot of corruption going on there.

Our corp tax rate is not fantastic, just competitive. You do realize we compete as a location for them, don’t you?!?!?


and that is exactly the reason for the sensationalist headline

leaked video’ like someone did something wrong in a secret cabal in china or russia or north korea like conditions.


how can a country with free speech, with many people at a company meeting that is videoed, be a secret cabal with a leaked video.

Critical thinking is needed here, and not falling for any propaganda to destroy that company


It is not arrogance to question our leadership, particularly when they have demonstrably lied to us. It’s a foundational principle of our government.

And Trump lies. He lies more than any president of recent memory—in his first 10 months, he told 6 times as many lies as President Obama did in his entire presidency. These aren’t nuanced opinions of lies, but verifiable statements of fact. As recently as the other day, regarding the number of people who died in the hurricane in Puerto Rico.

Regarding pollution, despite what @Theo520 indicates, Trump has been been dismantling the air and water standards that have led to reduced carbon emissions and cleaner water. Those reduced carbon numbers won’t stay down by themselves.


He lies more than any president in recent
memory - in his first 10 months he told 6
times as many lies as President Obama
did in his entire presidency.

That sounds like a statement a 6th grader would make, but I bet you got that from
Don Lemon or Joe Scarborough.


We do, but you will find that a lot of USA citizens don’t understand USA Constitutional Free Speech. For the most part it only means the government can’t take actions to limit one’s speech/expressions. When the government are those acting on behalf of the government are not actors in a scenario then it’s not a free speech issue.

Well, one can trust anything. At the end of the day that’s a feeling.

Having a smaller digital footprint/profile can be beneficial. I’m in agreement with you.

I’ve seen some article titles about someone being “Caught admitting”, which cast a negative tone on what was otherwise an open declaration that a person made.

That reminds me, about the inauguration crowd…


There is no evidence of coercion being exercised in that meeting video.

Foolish in what sense? That it will be bad PR for Google? Show me how this video has done anything but provide some red meat to Trump supporters who already thought Google was in bed with the devil.

There is no evidence that the opinions expressed in the meeting has in any way affected the search algorithms.

Just demonizing the other side. I suspect that Trump supporters are now throwing around words like “bigoted” and “hateful” in order to devalue the words so that those words don’t sting as much when they are applied to them.


Here’s the list. And if you’ll actually read it, you can see it’s accurate. These are all easily checked facts. For both of them. For the record, like President Obama, when President Bush was caught saying something untrue, he stopped saying it. That’s not the case with Trump.


Undying support for Trump is a classic case of the end justifying the means.

I would never justify my kid selling dope at school because his grades are good; and so it goes with Trump…all the positive aspects of his administration do not excuse is continuous lying.

Trust is important, and trust should be rooted in honesty…however, from the dawn of man, many (including Eve) succumbed to Satan (also known as the Liar), and put their trust in him…so while it may be disappointing, its not surprising.


I watched the first 2 minutes so far and it has made me very glad I work for a company where the “leadership” appears in a suit and talks about our sales projections like a normal human, instead of getting up in a grubby sweatshirt looking like he just rolled out of bed and discussing smoking pot on company property. I guess I am too much of an old fuddy-duddy.


No. People are free to express an opinion, and other people are equally free to complain about them expressing an opinion all day long.

It’s only when one or the other group is not permitted to speak at all that we have a problem.


The video is amusing. However, the above is kind of a “well duh, Thank you Captain Obvious”, dontcha think?

Of course Google, Facebook and all their ilk can’t stand Trump. The vast majority of their employees are super liberals. This isn’t news to anybody.


No one seems to be noticing the growing deficit.

The U.S. Federal deficit was $587 billion in Obama’s last year and it grew to $666 billion in Trump’s first year of his presidency.



How juvenile!


That legitimately doesn’t make sense as a response to my post.
I’m out.


How did this thread go from a discussion of Google and other corporate culture, to some sort of an octopus talking about Presidential lies and the deficit, in just 32 posts?
Shaking my head…I’m out too.

Discussions need to be about a topic, not just whatever anybody wants to bring up.


How about what is being done here to google and this propaganda, this comparison to cabals with leaked videos. surely thats a problem and a great injustice to google


Actually wages have risen. Companies can’t get away with paying minimum wages because employees can find jobs that pay more.


I’d say the opinions themselves are coercive. If your boss says he is ‘deeply offended’ by the person you voted for then the employee should feel frightened.

Oh there is evidence. There isn’t proof but there is evidence.

More importantly an executive said they wil do what they can to advance ‘really important values’ which in context means things which counter the election of Trump.

Calling voters for Trump ignorant, poor hicks is bigotry and hateful.

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