Learn Latin, Greek, and Hebrew!






Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

Do we need to learn Latin, Greek, AND Hebrew? Or is just one sufficient and expected - such as Hebrew?


Thanks but unfortunately the Latin is being pronounced with an American nasal twang. Its much better to find a European teaching Latin.


From this page on Latin learning resources are several hours of audio in more or less Ecclesiastical pronunciation:

*]Dr. Jeremy Holmes reads St. Thomas Aquinas’s Compendium in Latinex tempore.



Wow. I’ve just noticed your post is the first in 2 years on this thread.


You can just type:

Learn Latin online in google

Learn greek online in google

And learn Hebrew online in google

And download the websites using Win Website Downloader


That’s what I do:thumbsup: The internet is an cool digital library if used for good. And avoid the bad ones


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