Learn Latin: Two Wheelock's Latin Study Groups Beginning


Anyone interested in learning Latin, 2 self-study groups are about to begin on the [post=2538595]LatinStudy[/post] mailing list. Both groups will use the Wheelock Latin textbook, one will work at the pace of approximately 1 chapter per week; the other at a pace of [SUP]1[/SUP]/[SUB]2[/SUB] chapter per week. And both groups’ first assignment is due this Saturday 13-Oct-2007.

(I would have posted this information earlier, but the web pages only went up today)

At 1 Chapter per week is the Romulus Group

At [SUP]1[/SUP]/[SUB]2[/SUB] Chapter per week is the Remus Group

If you are interested to join either, please do read the FAQ (Especially #8) and Getting Started pages (if you will need help in joining the mailing list)

I am not coordinating this effort, but I thought I would spread the word around. I have found the LatinStudy list to be a valuable resource in acquiring and sharpening my skills, such as they are.


Thanks for the tip! I plan on joining it! :thumbsup:

Oh, I wish I had not lost my textbook!

You might try a local public or university library (if you have access to one) to borrow a text until you can find your own or obtain a new one. This advice goes too for anyone who thinks they *might *like to try it, but is unsure of making the commitment and does not want to invest in a text right away. :wink:


Sweet…I bought Wheelock’s a couple months ago, hoping to learn Latin with a long-distance friend. But we haven’t had the motivation to keep it up.

I just joined! I’ll be working through on the Remus track.

I am going to look into the Remus track also.

How is it going so far? I got up to Chapter 6 on my own a few years ago, so I should tackle it again.


I haven’t been doing my homework :frowning: too busy!

That is what I am afraid of!

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