Learn more about catholic saints

how can i learn more about catholic saints is there a book?

Do an Amazon search for “Catholic saints” and I guarantee you, you’ll get a boatload of results… :wink:

But, I suspect that you’re looking for an ‘official’ source – that is, something published by the Church itself, about particular canonized saints?

Any Catholic bookstore has very good books on the lives of the Saints.

Our forum member, Shin, has a very good site full of Saints’ writings and quotes:



Both are definitely worth your time. :thumbsup:

If you want ebooks there are tons of free ones over. There are many saints to pick from:



If you went into EWTN website and looked at there catalogue, they have a lot of books on everything including the Saints, might be good if you got one book but had a lot of Saints lives in the one book, alternatively you could download the App Kindle and then get the lives of the Saints from Kindle via email.

EWTN.com has an extensive list of Catholic saints with short biographies at www.ewtn.com/saintsHoly/ You can search alphabetically by name or by feast day on the calendar. For instance, St. Patrick is listed alphabetically under “P” for “Patrick” or by feast day under March 17.


This is a rich source: saints.sqpn.com/

For example, today: saints.sqpn.com/15-march/

This site usually chooses just one saint per day to highlight: americancatholic.org/Features/SaintofDay/
They also have a Face Book page which posts a saint each day.

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