Learning about Islam

What are your recommended resources for learning about Islam from a non-agenda based perspective?

Or, what resources could be used which people from across the political spectrum would accept?


Tim Staples, here at Catholic Answers, has an excellent CD series on Islam. My husband bought it from the CA store a few years ago.

We carry several books on Islam at our online shop:


Also, if you go to our main site and type “Islam” in the search field, you will find a ton of articles, videos, and radio programs on the subject.

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The Quran is the best resource to learn about Islam.

A copy of the Koran and then read it.

What you do need to know when you read it, is the context of when and why some of the Surya’s were revealed.

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Too true, sorry answered before scrolling down the page "Peace and mercy and blessings of God be upon you

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x2, Thank you for staring this thread.

Thank you very much, I will most likely buy one of those books.

Is this one fine? alislam.org/quran/Holy-Quran-English.pdf

I have only so far very very shortly looked through it and read so far a little of some internet sources concerning the life of Muhammad.

I was also wondering whether maybe I could ask you a few questions regarding what I have heard about Islam for clarification? (it’s been mostly negative which is why I seek clarification, if you don’t want to answer any questions, I won’t press).

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Thank you for reading

I’m also wondering whether Australians can buy books from there without paying nearly double the purchase price for postage and handling? I purchased a previous book “What Jesus really said about the end of the world” and it ended up costing me nearly $60.00 AU for one book. :frowning:

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p.s. It doesn’t ship them to Australia from that site, and the above mentioned book I purchased from Amazon which cost me nearly double for shipping.

Was the book not available on amazon.com.au?

What do you mean by “non-agenda”?

It does seem to beg the question of whether Islam itself has an “agenda.”

How could we ever know THAT if we merely assume it doesn’t and ONLY read sources that might portray it as if it doesn’t.

I say study all sides and work out the truth with discerning judgement.

I wasn’t sure as to the direction from which the OP was attributing an “agenda” - an agenda on the part of Islam, an agenda that people might attach opposed to the religion, or an agenda that does not allow for people to speak freely of some religions? There seem to be three “agendas”: one (possibly) imposed by the belief system itself; one by those who wish to sum up all muslims as Islamists; one by those who wish to stop people from speaking freely about all religions - whether by autocratic means or by said-belief-system itself, which also ties in with the first.

And you’re right. The line to be taken is continued remembrance of the distinctions between approaching the person who practices said-belief system alongside the research into, and knowledge of, said-belief system itself - theory and experience; research without renouncement of one’s own faith; service not oppression; insight into ignorance; love not fear.

The book I was going to purchase is $17.51 US on Amazon Books which becomes $25.14 AUD and shipping is another $15.04 AUD, which makes it a total of $40.18 AUD for one small book. :frowning:

Thanks though Peter.

God Bless You

Thank you for reading

A good discussion involving four participants providing contrary points of view on Islam.


We sell elctronic versions of most of our books. That would be the most economical for you when ordering from us. Parousia Media in Australia also caries some of our titles. You might check with them as well.

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