Learning Assyrian Neo-Aramaic in Lebanon?

Hello, my eastern brothers and sisters,

Should it be God’s will, I may be spending at least a few months of the new year or the next in Lebanon, conducting sociolinguistic research. Because I want to focus on ethno-linguistic minorities, it would probably behoove me to at least attempt to learn the languages of the communities in question. For most, using the contact/national language should be fine (I’m sure I could find someone willing to work as an intermediary at this, too, as my Arabic is very basic), but I would still like to at least show that I care enough about their communities to greet them, ask questions, and other basic things.

With that in mind, does anyone know anywhere in Lebanon that teaches any variety of the Assyrian language?

(Sorry if this is not the right forum for this; I know there are at least a few Maronites around here, some of whom are probably in Lebanon proper, so I couldn’t think of a more fitting place to put it.)


The Chaldeans operate several schools in and around Beyrouth, and yes they teach Eastern Syriac (Ashuri). Best bet would be to make contact with one of the Chaldean churches and go on from there. As an aside, there are also classes available in Western Syriac offered by the monks of the Maronite Antonine Order as well as the Syriac OC and CC.

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