Learning Greek/Hebrew for seminary

I’m expecting to go to undergraduate seminary next year, and I need to “gain competence”, as the academic policy says, in the biblical languages, as well as Latin. I’m looking at a few resources on amazon, but I’d like recommendations on which programs are best for this. Any help would be appreciated.

Just to help frame this: What level of competence in those three languages do they expect? Do you have any background in any of them? And when, precisely, are you going to that school? In August?

Yes, I will be starting in August. As for the level of competence, I am required to have a “reading knowledge” of at least one. I don’t need to achieve this until I go on to the major seminary, but I need to get started.

Which you will do when you go to the Seminary - right now, just relax. Knowledge of biblical languages should be the least of your concerns!

I remember preparing for a Greek Language
class in seminary (which I didn’t complete)
The First thing is to learn the Greek alphabet,
I was so pleased to get my Greek Bible!!
GBY on your seminary journey!!

Get thee behind him Satan! :mad:

The link below is good, but presupposes you have some knowledge of grammar. It allows for self study but be sure to buy it with the answer key. It’s meant to take a year.


I’m fairly certain that at our minor seminary, the undergraduates learn that language during their undergraduate studies (as someone else suggested). I don’t think they expect anyone to know or have competence in the biblical languages when you first enter.



The curriculum at my minor seminary only consists of philosophy and theology. Classes in the languages aren’t offered unless you’re in the major seminary.

What might be fun to do before you have to start serious language studies is to start learning the Greek and Hebrew alphabets. Get some flashcards and familiarize yourself with the names of the letters and the sounds they make. You’ll be one up on other students.

Don’t know if this thread is still live, but…

I’m preparing for seminary myself. For Hebrew, I’ve been slowly working my way through this. It’s helpful because it uses real scripture and historic idioms:

For Greek, I’ve been using the iTunesU “course” that Concordia Theological Seminary - St. Louis offers for its pre-crash course for pre-seminarians. A corresponding book is also available. It’s 300+ lessons in the videocast, but it’s nice to be able to “sit in” on a real Greek class:

I’d also love any pointers folks might have…

Thanks for that! I’ve still been trying to find something that’ll work. I’ll have to give these a try.

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