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Does anyone know any Christian music i could start out with if i wanted to learn acoustic guitar. Literally all i know is chords and chord progressions so far, and i was hoping to start off actually playing with christian music. I don’t really mind if it’s protestant music - an easy chris tomlin song would be fine - although it would be nice if it was catholic.

if you don’t happen to know any easy catholic songs for beginners…if you know any songs at all i’d be fine with that. maybe i could work into the christian stuff later…

“Glory Land” is a terrific song, and as I run through it in my mind, I hear six chords, in D it would require D, D7, G, A, A7, and E7 as the ‘turnaround’.

I’m sure you can hear the song performed on YouTube, and find the melody, lyrics and chords online. Some such websites, notably Chordie, even allow you to transpose to any desired key. Happy strumming!

It’s not Catholic, but it should keep you busy for awhile.



Try most anything by Matt Maher, Audrey Assad also has some easy music that although is written for piano there are usually tabs for her songs for guitar. Have fun, learn some chords and write your own stuff as well. That’s mainly what I do.

Have you heard of the song Whom am I? By Casting Crowns? This is a good song.


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