Learning Koine Greek Question or Question for Koine Greek Linguists


This question regards the book “Basic Greek in 30 Minutes A Day” by James Found. I’m wondering if anyone has experience with learning from this book?

The reason why I’m asking is how reliable is this book? I went through the first 11 lessons. If my memory serves me well I don’t remember seeing any grammatical or spelling errors. But when I got to lesson 12 I puzzled over some things.

For example instead of the word χρυσος (chrusos/chrysos) the word is incorrectly spelled as χουσος (chousos). Same with the word φυλλα (phulla/phylla), which I believe is incorrectly spelled as φολλα (pholla)…unless, unless I’m completely mistaken? Am I losing my mind?

I know for example, that with St. John Chyrostom (“the golden-mouthed”) the first part χρυσο(ς) refers to gold, so I’m not sure if these are editing or printing errors in the book.

I’ve been wanting to pick up Greek again so perhaps I should just go back to my original learning methods rather than delve further into this book.


We used this book:


I used this one the first year in seminary


I have no idea how reliable the textbook you mentioned is, but consider we are dealing with a language that has changed and there are some differences even in the actual texts.


It sounds like a typographical problem, possibly as a result of having a modern Greek proofreader: the LSJ has no listing for either term in Classical, but both χουσος and φολλα are Romaic (i.e. modern Greek) names.

It would be useful to change to a different textbook, misspelling generally being a bridge too far for second language learners.


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