Learning Koine Greek


Hi, I’m trying to learn Koine Greek but am finding it difficult doing it by myself. Anybody know of an online course or in person course in So. California? Most of the resources for this seem to be Protestant - I would prefer a Catholic course but will take whatever.

I’ve been using Bill Mounce’s resources on Temnia.com but need more structure and support.

Learning New Testament Greek

It should say teknia.com


The only place I know to take the class in person is Loyola-Marymount University (Westchester) near LAX. You can audit the class at a reduce price. I was going to do it but never did.


Most any seminary will offer courses in Koine Greek and any university with a Classics Department will offer courses in Ionic Greek, which probably makes more sense if you’re starting out anyway.

Personally, I don’t find Bill Mounce’s books and materials to be all that useful.


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