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I’ve been wanting to learn Latin for a couple of months now…mostly just prayers…because I believe it’s a beautiful language. I can now say the Sign of the Cross in Latin, but I’m not sure if I’m getting all the prununciations right. I’m hoping this will help me understand the Church more…in some way or another.

Does anyone have any ways to learn Latin?

(please keep in mind I am a high school student whos savings account is dropping because she doesn’t have a job thanks to sports and other high school extracurricular activities):smiley:


Hi Melissa :wave: I’m very impressed by your desire to learn more Latin! Way to go! :thumbsup: You’re inspiring me, to do the same now. :smiley:

Do you think that maybe your folks might be persuaded to pick up a copy of the 1962 Latin Missal? You could learn a LOT from it. Maybe it could be a birthday present for you? Or a “family” book… one that everyone could use, and benefit from? Here is a link from EWTN, where you can get one. They’re a bit pricey… but maybe it could be a special occasion gift? Or maybe you could do some extra work, to earn it? You might be able to find a less expensive version, elsewhere. Just some ideas.

Hope this helps. God bless.



Try a Tags search for “learn latin”. :smiley:
I think there is a lot of good advice on this thread [thread=173658]Latin resources[/thread], but I’ rather biased in that regard. :wink:

Also: You might join/inquire the Social Group: [group=26]Latin lately (Speak latin, or want to: group to discuss the Ancient Language of Rome, and now ours)[/group]



Here are excellent resources:
*] Simplicissimus, an excellent, free, online Latin course from the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales
*] New Latin Grammar by Charles E. Bennett
*] Lewis & Short’s A Latin Dictionary, the famous Latin dictionary accessible for free online
*] Perseus Word Study Tool, a morphological analysis of inflected Latin words
[/LIST]It is great you want to learn Latin. Read what the Baltimore Catechism says about Latin:

Q. 566. Why does the Church use the Latin language instead of the national language of its children?
A. The Church uses the Latin language instead of the national language of its children:
To avoid the danger of changing any part of its teaching in using different languages;
That all its rulers may be perfectly united and understood in their communications;
To show that the Church is not an institute of any particular nation, but the guide of all nations.


Good for you for wanting to learn Latin. I know a little Latin. The reasons why I learned a little Latin is because I was fascinated with the language and the other is while watching EWTN daily mass I want to follow along if Latin terms are going to be thrown my way.

Baronius Press has the missal for 60 dollars as well. There is also one being offered at angelus press. I wouldn’t support them because of their affiliation with the SSPX. I have a Marian Children’s missal which has the Latin Mass promulgated by Pope Pius XII. This was my father’s. It is very useful. I would recommend getting both.

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