Learning Latin

I was in my early years in school in the mid 70’s. I was the ones where they did away with the Baltimore catacism and replaced it with Religion. I did not get to experience learning latin even in High School. Now I feIt I was deprived of something. wish they taught it. Now I am trying to teach myself latin. I have tapes. I think it should be required through out all Catholic schools all around the world and a requirment in College. Also all churches should teach it as well. You will have more knowledgeable people and there will not be the excuse of “people have no clue what is being said .”

I am Ukrainian Catholic, but when I was in High School I took Latin and learned how to pray in Latin (still do). It is a great language to learn (it has application in the sciences, philosophy and law). Furthermore, you may want to attend a Mass in the Latin Rite someday! In fact, I am taking it again in University because I love it so much! Perhaps you can find an online guide on Latin and learn it that way, or order a book!

At any rate, congratulations for finishing RCIA!:slight_smile:

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