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hey all,
I’m wondering if anyone could recommend a book, cd-rom, etc to help me learn to read/pronounce Latin. thanks!

There are plenty of good books and tapes available at Borders and Barnes and Noble. You can also check with www.amazon.com. Google and search for ecclesiastical (or classical) Latin tutorials. I found a lot of good downloadable and very beautiful MP3s that way too.

And the Latin Vulgate is a must. There are several downloads available through a google or yahoo search.

Hope you enjoy Latin. It is a very beautiful and poetic way to pray.

A very good resource on the internet is the Latin Mass Society of England and Wales, latin-mass-society.org/resources.htm there are two good courses for learning the Latin of the Mass one called 'Simplicissimus ’ and ‘Plain Man’s Guide to the Traditional Roman Rite of Holy Mass’ .
Hope this helps.
God Bless

A number of resources have been collected in another thread: [thread=121562]LATIN: Language Study Resources[/thread]. :yup:

(*<ahem> *I invite others to contribute to this list of resources as well – Please!)


I just saw that the Latin Study mailing list that Tee_eff_em references in the Master List he posted has a new beginners group starting March 14 using Collins Ecclesiastic Latin. Looks like good timing for me. :slight_smile:

thank you for the replies :cool:

Here’s a link to a site where you can hear the parts of the Mass in Latin. While it won’t really teach Latin I think it’s a great resource for becoming familiar with the Latin used at Mass:

Ordo Missae cum populo

Just wanted to clarify…the link I posted above is to a N.O. Mass in Latin. Not the TLM. But it is still useful I think…


A good guide to the pronunciation of Latin is the Pronunciatus Latinus booklet and CD.


**Hello Soulfly :slight_smile: **

Well, after seeing this thread you started I decided to do a google search, since I too desperately need to learn Latin, lol. Here’s what I found and it looks good:


**You get two FREE downloadable text books, that is 14 weeks worth of Latin courses. **

I’m going to try this myself.

To practice your Latin skills you can find and read the Latin Vulgate online, the 1962 Roman Missal, numerous Church documents in Latin, some Medieval texts, etc. I’m not sure where to find the original Latin texts of the Ancient Roman poets (e.g. Virgil) online. There is only the tranlations.

**Then when you have finished learning Latin, try learning Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.:nerd: **

Oh, I forgot. The text book I refered to above does not explain how the letters are sounded off in latin. So, I found this link from EWTN that does:


Experience Latin with Fr. Reginald Foster (The Pope’s Latinist)

In my view, Henle Latin is the best set of textbooks for Jr. High - Adult. And, it is Catholic.

If someone would like to learn italian, can ask me…!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Artes Latinae is by far the best and most comprehensive self-study Latin course out there. It completely puts other courses to shame as it actually treats Latin as a language rather than just a set of rules (although you’ll learn these also). The only real downfalls are that it’s a bit expensive and that it may be too intense for those who lack the appropriate self-discipline and determination. If you google it you’ll find it pretty easily.

That’s what I’m using. :thumbsup:

Today I was searching for online audio files or CDs for Ecclesiastical Latin. I came across www.shrinesf.org, which has the Rosary with Latin and English text, and it includes an audio file.

I also found a couple of DVDs designed for homeschoolers. You can find them at www.memoriapress.com. I think they’re sold through Aquinasandmore.com (a member of these forums), so it might be a good idea to support them.

EWTN has parts of the Mass in Latin. I listen every morning on my local radio station. I follow along wth a written copy, so I can learn the words.

ok, since the Collins group says it is not for rank beginners (which I am) I decided to wait for the next Wheelock group which was announced this week. It starts April 24.


It is called Wheelock Purple. Any study buddies out there? :slight_smile:

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