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Up front, I absolutely love the Douay-Rheims, and it tends to be the most recommended Bible for those converting to Catholicism that are used to the KJV: and for good reason too; it’s generally similar in verse and style, but translated from the Vulgate, which is honestly the biggest plus, as it’s the traditional text of the Western Church throughout almost all of Church history.

All that pretext said, I struggle with relearning the Latin form of proper names in the Old Testament (the New Testament is almost the same as the KJV’s Greek names). Latin (Hebrew), this is what I’m referring to: Abia (Abijah), Abdias (Obadiah), Isse (Jesse), Sophonias (Zephaniah), Ochazias (Ahaziah), etc.

This is really difficult for me to read: I was reading a verse that mentioned Isse, and was bewildered, but, come to find out, it was no less than Jesse, and I had assumed it was some minor name that is mentioned once or twice. I always have to read with the KJV on hand just to be able to learn these names slowly but surely: but how many times have I know the person, but not realized it because of the Latinized spelling?

Is there anything that I could be linked to and print to be able to reference the Hebrew name to the Latin one in a simple format, or will I be stuck using two Bibles continuously until I learn every name?

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There may be an equivalence table someplace, but I’m not aware of it. What you’re describing is the problem of going by a translation (English) from another translation (Latin) from the original.

“a translation of a translation.”

This is more of a problem, in general. Apparently 'Schlomo" is closer to the original that we Know as Solomon. Yitzach is Israel. Avram is Abram, etc. etc.


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