Learning Pronunciations for TLM server parts


A priest friend of mine has encourage me to learn to serve the TLM however I have no prior instruction in reading and pronouncing Latin and butcher almost every pronunciation except the words I have heard being chanted before. I was wondering if anyone knew of any videos which go over the pronunciations of the prayers or where I could find the prayers in phonetics to practice.


Deo gratias for responding to your friend’s invitation :slight_smile: I have been blessed to assist two priests to learn the celebration of the TLM, and I can tell you it is not difficult :slight_smile:

Resources readily available are from the Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius and from the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter:

Online tutorial for priests with videos, photos, audio

FSSP training (youtube playlist)

FSSP training (official website)

St. John Cantius workshops

Biretta Books tutorials: (dvd 1), (dvd 2), (dvd 3), (booklet)

Fraternity Publications: (full-fledged Missale Romanum), (smaller missal English-Latin)

Basic Latin tutorials: (pronunciation), (essentials), (unit 1 - 1 to 12), (unit 2 - 13 to 20), (unit 3 - 21 to 34)

Catholic-geared Latin home courses: (Familia Sancti Hieronymi)

I am sure this can appear to be a bit overwhelming. It really isn’t. Your friend can tell you :slight_smile: Just be patient! If he has altar servers, they can help you as well to practice privately.

And if I got it all wrong and you are not a priest (yet? :o), those resources are excellent for altar servers and the websites (especially sanctamissa.org/) have a ton of free resources for altar servers :thumbsup: If I could learn, anyone can! And servers don’t speak much, at most prays at the foot of the altar , says the Suscipiat response to the Orate fratres, and every so often says Amen :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for all those resources. Although I am not a priest yet (God Willing) I am happy to have this list of resources to be able to casually drop to some of the Priest I know who are interested in the Extraordinary Form.


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