Learning to Love St. Joseph


Please may you help me to learn more about and appreciate this wonderful saint! :slight_smile: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :slight_smile: :smiley:

I don’t love St. Joseph enough. :frowning:


A Manual of Practical Devotion to St. Joseph by Father Patrignani, S.J.


O glorious, St. Joseph, who walked in faith and were just before God, take under your care the spiritual and temporal needs which we entrust to you. As you were chosen to guard and protect the Virgin Mother Mary and her divine Son Jesus, so extend your protection from heaven to us in our trials.

O good and faithful servant whom the Master set over his household, keep us faithful in God’s commandments and loyal in our love for Him. Intercede for us in moments of doubt and anxiety when we know not which course to choose. Inspire us by your example lest through lack of perseverence we leave undone what we have begun, or through lack of discipline we succumb to soft ways.

Ask for us the very same grace in which you daily live — that whatever we do may be for the love of Jesus and Mary; and obtain for us the very same grace in which you died — that we may breathe forth our souls in their company. — Amen.

(Ain’t no way to love St. Joseph enough - but knock yourself out trying! :thumbsup: )


He is the head of the holy family. Jesus had to obey him so he must have been extraordinarily holy. Some people believe he may have never sinned like Mary.
St Teresa of Avila said he never denied her anything she prayed to him for and that the church would benefit greatly when it recognised his great sanctity- which it has.

Pray for love and devotion to him, and pray to him. He is called St Joseph, my father and Lord … then pray.

He has many tiltles but I use this one.:thumbsup:


My favorite images of good St. Joseph, have always been those where he is cradling the Divine Child in his arms. This is a powerful reminder, that St. Joseph can be invoked, as a Protector. Maybe this will help… God bless. :slight_smile:



May Christ, Mary, and Joseph bless each and every one of you that has contributed so far! :o



Hope this works. I love this picture.


I like the image of St. Joseph at Fatima, blessing the world during the Miracle of the Sun.

Check out the “Mystical City of God” by Sister Mary Agreda, a book about Our Lady, the life of Mary, St. Joseph, and explanations of various Biblical verses as well as events of the Holy Family are dictated to this nun by the Blessed Virgin.


Thanks for the reminder and the heads-up to the books contents. I started reading it but it was so long that I slacked. Woe is me! :thumbsup:

It is nice to know that I will soon be reading more about St. Joseph. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

Mystical City of God themostholyrosary.com/mystical-city.htm
In Defense of The City of God Mystica Civitate Dei: dailycatholic.org/issue/05Jun/jun10tim.htm - to summarize the research of three priests on the official decision of the Holy Roman Catholic Church regarding The Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Jesus of Agreda and to ascertain thereby whether it is permitted for anyone of any authority whatsoever to forbid the reading of this extraordinary book.


My favorite St. Joseph book is Pere Binet’s ‘The Divine Favors Granted to St. Joseph’ published by TAN. It’s a short, small 174 pages and splendid. :slight_smile:

It’s also on sale now for only $3.75!

Quote: ‘There is still another thought that strikes me. God the Father having chosen St. Joseph to govern His only Son in His place and in His name, well knew that without special assistance no mere mortal could acquit himself worthily of such a noble and difficult task. Therefore he took up his abode in the heart of Joseph in order personally to direct His Son Jesus through the ministry of this man after His own heart. The Lord also commanded Moses to go before Pharaoh, saying: ‘I will be in thy mouth, and I will teach thee what thou shalt speak.’’


I’m sorry, but this seems alot like praying to a demigod or something…


Thank you Shin for the book recommendation! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Do you know anything more about Pere Binet? Also, would that book be a good gift for a male friend who is nominally Catholic?

Crimson Seraph, are you a Catholic?


Not at all. We give glory to God… by honoring His saints, who are models of exemplary Christian lives. They always point the way to God… and help us deal with the difficulties of our earthly lives, by their example. They help us, to understand that we too, can be saints one day!

God bless. :slight_smile:


It’s a very deeply Catholic book, so that it would depend on the person whether he would be sucked in by it and benefit or if it were too much for a lightweight who perhaps has dissident/Protestant views. I would pray about it.

The book is easy to read and deeply spiritual.

It reminds me of Fr. O’Sullivan, O.P.'s books.

I wish I knew if the author had written other books but I do not, perhaps this was it – or at least all that were translated. :slight_smile:

I take great joy in reading it and it is just the type of book for a new convert.

I can’t say anyone reading it with an open heart towards loving God won’t benefit by learning how God bestows His gifts on those He loves. :slight_smile:


:nope: His/her profile says “protestant”.
On the other hand, mine says :slight_smile: “Methodist”, and since my favorite saint is St Teresa of Avila, and St Joseph was*** her*** favorite saint, when I saw this little book:
I bought it immediately, & learned several prayers to St Joseph. (Nothing like prayer, IMHO, to foster devotion:thumbsup: ).

PS: It seems to be out of print, BUT–the large print version** is in print**. The litany is especially beautiful.

And now, for:whistle: something completely different:
Crimson Seraph, this is:rolleyes: **Catholic **Answers. Strangely enough, this means that people ask for Catholic answers, and **receive **Catholic answers.
The:nerd: " Southeastern Upstate New York Association of Independent Nudist Neo-Pagan Dispensationalist Unitarians Debating:bigyikes: Cannibalism Answers" site must be:whacky: someplace else. Sheesh…


The Crimson Seraph was Kev-Mas Colcha’s personal starfighter, constructed from parts from his Old Starship and parts from a TIE/D Defender onboard a stolen Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer, as well as various other parts found onboard the ship and elsewhere.

Not a Catholic moniker to me!


Thank you greatly for all the kind replies! :heart: :o


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