Learning to pray the rosary in French-Help

I am trying to learn french in school and thought it would be a good idea to learn to say the rosary in french. Since I say the rosary and it would be good practice. My question does anyone know where you can get audio of the rosary being prayed in french? As of now my youtube search hasn’t came up with a lot. Can find the prayers in french just having trouble finding someone saying them so I can hear how they are said.

Thank you and God Bless.

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I googled:
cd rosary in french
and received several ordering choices.

Good luck to you and Que Dieu vous bénisse!

I don’t have a source but google shows some
What I want to add is that we have as a secondary agenda in our RE programs assisting Spanish speakers of all ages in their acquisition of English and learning the prayers in both languages has proven to be an essential help in that goal, and the best easiest first way to begin. That is also why we have bilingual texts in classes that include Spanish speakers. The religious sistersand seminarias who come here to serve have also found this to speed up their acquisition of English, so your instinct is a good one.

I second this idea as well. When we started learning Latin, I got the Rosary in Latin and we listened to it and started joining in in bits and pieces until we were we all able to pray all of it :slight_smile:

Another things which I have found help me learn a foreign language: one is to think in the language as much as possible–obviously at the beginning this will be just a mental reciew of your lessons, but it’s a great habit to develop so you can move into making up your own sentences. This I do when I’m just walking around or something. (OK, I was pretending I was French :wink: )

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