Learning to Use a 1962 Missal

Are there any resources in print or on the web to help folks learn to follow along and use the 1962 missal?

Your Missal will have an index at the front. In it you will find the Liturgical calendar for the year. In the 1962 Missal, there is only the one yearly cycle, as opposed to the Novus Ordo Missal which has the three year cycle.
Look up the date in the calendar and it will direct you to the Mass for that day, and will tell you which page it is on in the Missal. When you get to that page, you will find the readings and other variable prayers for that Mass, such as the Introit, Collect, Secret, and Preface. Often the mass for the particular day will have it’s own variable parts to it, and other Masses will have shared variable parts - the Missal will tell you which parts are “borrowed” from other Masses, and what page they will be on.
In the Middle of your missal in larger type will be the Proper of the Mass. This is the main part of the Mass that rarely has any change to it, except for extraordinary seasons of the year, such as Lent or Advent. There are also parts of the Proper of the Mass which vary between High and Low Mass. Again, the Missal will tell you which bits will be skipped over in a Low Mass. When you follow along with the Proper of the Mass in the Missal, you will see the variable parts of the Mass such as mantioned above. When you get to these variable parts for the particulra mass for that day, flip over to that day’s Mass and then go back to the Proper.
If you make a little preparation the night before Mass to set up your Missal with the ribbons in the right places (or while you are doing 120 on the freeway steering with your knees with the Missal in your lap :smiley: ) you will find it all comes together with not too much difficulty.

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I am interested in resources primarily so that I can share them with others to speed up the learning curve for folks new to the Tridentine Mass.

So, if anyone is aware of resources in print or on the web, please share.

Just a slight question or correction. Isn’t the part that doesn’t change called the Ordinary? I believe the propers are the introit, collect, epistle, gradual, gospel. offertory verse, secret, communion verse and postcommunion. They are proper for (to?) the particular day or feast being celebrated.

You are correct. I just was scrolling thru the threads on my lunch break and thought I would quickly answer the question from memory without refering to the text. Yes it is called the Ordinary of the mass, thanks for the clarification of terms.


dts -
The calendar with dates described above is devoted primarily to the Proper of the Saints and is useful for finding the daily Mass. However Sunday Mass is found by using the listing of the Proper of the Season found in the missal table of contents. For example yesterday, Feb. 18, in the Proper of the Saints is the Commemoration of St. Simeon, Bishop of Jerusalem. However this year Feb. 18 fell on a Sunday and yesterday was Quinquagesima Sunday (the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday) in the Proper of the Season, so that was the Mass said.

I don’t know of an online reference on how to use a 1962 missal; but here is the text with rubrics online in Latin and English: sacred-texts.com/chr/lmass/ord.htm

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