Least Favourite Musical Genres?

I know people always ask what everyone likes best, but what kinds of music can you absolutely not stomach? If yours is not listed, please share!

The only music I really like comes from video games.

I don’t see “rap” on the list. Actually, I don’t mind rap if it’s clean, but so much of it seems to be filthy and violent. Also, it seems to be played mainly in cars that are right next to me in a traffic jam, or in apartments that are across the street from me.

And sorry, folks, I have a hard time with polka. Maybe if I actually knew how to dance…

I just kind of lumped that with hip-hop, both of which I cannot stand. That is, unless it’s underground rap, which I really really like.

Wow! I think the poll has a problem or there is 180%. of the votes tallied!:smiley:

You can choose more than one answer. That’s why it’s more than 100%.

Oh come on Larowyn, why don’t you like religious music? Do you cringe at mass? (provided your parish uses proper music) :smiley:

I really don’t like heavy metal or any of that “shouty” kind of music as I call it. I do like some hip hop but definitely not rap (which is why I voted for hip hop in general). Both these genres I have found tend to make me feel restless and unsettled. Does anybody else find that?

I’ve thought of another category - Dance or trance music. I find the repetitive thump thump of the drum does my head in! :frowning:

OK, I see the total voters is 13 at this moment, just kind of confusing.

My parish uses the “Glory and Praise” hymnal and the music included in “Celebrating the Eucharist” missalettes. The music really doesn’t provoke too much emotion within me, I guess. I sing along at Mass but it’s not the kind of music I’d sing in the car (though I have been known to belt out “Faith of Our Fathers” or “O Come Emmanuel” from time to time).

In the past, whenever I thought I hated a musical genre, I’d always find an exception. Then another exception. Then a third.

Nowadays I just play it safe and listen unashamedly to whatever I want. I can still say individual bands suck.

Definitely country, dance, r&b, hip hop/rap and pop.

I wish we could have more than ten options in polls…

You mean those BGMs and instrumentals like in The Final Fantasy series?

Yes. There’s a lot of awesome instrumental music in video games.

Space music makes me incredibly impatient. Absolutely the worst thing I could listen to when driving a car.

What is space music?

I voted for rap and pop. I’ve just never really liked hip-hop, though every so often a song will turn up that will be worth listening to. The same for Top 40 pop type music. It’s just so. . .bland. Otherwise, I’m very diverse in my musical taste. I’ll listen to almost anything, depending on my mood.

I can listen to anything but country and gansta rap.

What do you get if you listen to a country song backwards?

You get your wife back, your job back, your truck back, your dog back, your gun back, your best friend back…

LOL! :rotfl:

Yeah, country is pretty much caucasian (usually) blues. But I like the blues better. :stuck_out_tongue:

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