Leather Brown Scapular


I received a brown scapular from Rugged Rosaries as a confirmation gift. The scapular is made of leather with a velvet backing. I read that the scapular is only valid if it’s made of 100% wool? Is a leather scapular still valid and if not why are they being sold by a seemingly reputable Catholic company?


That is no longer the case. I know there’s some group of nuns who claims it must be wool, but they’re not in good standing with the Church.


Thank you.


According to…?


The Carmelites, both Discalced and Calced.


I guess I’ll just take your word for it!?


I take it you’re asking for my source?



Your answer then is misleading. According to your own source:

Does the Brown scapular have to be wool?

It did at one time, it no longer does. Few Carmelite Religious use pure wool for their habits,
including their scapulars, anymore because of the expense and the impracticality.

It goes on to say an authentic brown scapular is made of two pieces of cloth. If practicality is the reason for them no longer needing to be made of wool, I would have to say leather is little more practical than wool. I’d like a brown scapular of gold myself (for practicality, in my mind) but have refrained from obtaining one.

While it isn’t required, my cassock is 100% wool. It will last far longer than any other material. Anything else to me is impractical.

Anyways I’m sure the leather scapular is fine and it is closer to wool than gold though I’d worry about its durability. I would personally stick with wool.


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