Leave it Oprah; Michael J Fox, his doctor and stem cells

Watching Oprah today with Fox and his doctor. Finally a secularist mentions the problems (with potential for cancer) with embryonic stem cells and how/why adult skin stem cells are better. But of course it is down played and blame is put on those (christians) who fought and argued and were responsible for delaying research.

Excuse me but wasn’t this kind of research (non-embryonic) always allowed and never banned so why or how did a ban on embryonic stem cell research impede this when it was allowed all along?

They (the discipcles of the culture of death) will just never admit defeat!?

Hi friend. Reading your post about Ophra reminds me all too clearly why I stopped watching TV years ago. So many people watch it & after awhile start to get their values from the shows. Personally I like “people time”. TV is just not conducive to that.

The thing is, Oprah is plenty sharp enough to know the difference between types of stem cells. which ones have been sucessful, and which ones Christians oppose.

Shame on Oprah.

I didn’t watch it.

I hate it when actors are used as spokespeople for scientific research.

Why doesn’t anyone ever point out the obvious fact that taking billions of taxpayer dollars away from successful adult stem cell research in order to fund unsuccessful (ZERO CURES) embryonic stem cell research HAS POSSIBLY DELAYED CURES FOR DYING PEOPLE FROM ADULT STEM CELLS!

If embryonic stem cell research was really so promising, private investors would have funded it much more extensively (there was never a restriction on private funding, only federal funding.)

Obviously the media has presented half-truths and outright lies because they are corrupt and have an agenda to promote. They prey on the emotions of misinformed people to pressure politicians into using taxpayer money for something that is immoral and destroys human embryos in the process.

Researchers and companies committed to embryonic stem cell research have limited private investors, due to the numerous successes of adult stem cell researchers! That is why we hear the unfounded, overly emotional cries for funding embryonic stem cell research.


Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!

But it doesn’t matter where the money is. Even though doctors and scientists praise the results of adult stem cell research, it won’t matter. Money isn’t the issue here, presidential approval is the issue. Any available money, private or taxes, will be funneled into embryonic stem cell research because the current president has endorsed embryonic stem cell research as “true science,” and has dismissed any positive findings of adult stem cell research.

At this time in history, it seems that whatever the president likes, everyone likes, and if he doesn’t approve of it, no one approves of it. It seems that people are throwing away their common sense to follow after a very charismatic man. (Kind of like they do with Oprah–if she says something, so many women will take it as Gospel truth and go along with it.)

It’s frightening, and in this case, it means the delay of truly good science in favor of giving funds to the current administration’s “pseudo science agenda,” namely embryonic stem cell research. Who knows how long we will wait before good scientists speak up and say, “This isn’t working, we would like to go back to adult stem cell research, please.”

This particular doctor did mention that adult skin stem cells appeared to be the answer but how easy would it have been for him to simply state, “We(the culture of death) were incorrect in our initial assessment of the benefits of embryonic stem cells”?

Instead he was able to twist it to somehow still put the blame on those who advocated the ban on embryonic stem cells from the get go!

Here’s what Investors’ Business Daily has to say:


It would be nice to think that the Media just provides us with information and balanced analysis, but with this issue, that is not the case.


Why all the negative comments about our President? Love him or hate him, he is an extremely intelligent man who can do much good for this country. If you think his beliefs are immoral, blame the majority of the country who voted for those ideals. The President is just a representative, if much of this country did not share his values, he would never have been voted in.

Not saying I agree with President Obama on a hundred percent of the issues, far from it, but put blame where it should rightfully be placed. On a perverse generation, a sinful people, not all on one progressive, left-leaning leader.




Thanks for the great article. Why is it so hard for people to accept the Truth?

We have to get informed on these key life issues, both abortion and ESR . We should start with our families and friends, bring up these issues and the Truth that is being distorted and completely lied about so often.

We must convince them of the primordial importance of the right to life as the Catholic Church so clearly teaches.

If we, as members of the most affluent and influential society on the planet today, will not stand up against abortion, against ESR, and against all of the other evils who will???

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


You are exactly right! “he is an extremely intelligent man who can do much good for this country.”

That is the key point here, yes the lemmings are following, but Obama is the one leading this head-long charge over the cliff into the eternal fires of Hell!

I was outside the local Planned Parenthood ( or more accurately “PLANNED MURDER OF INNOCENT BABIES BY THEIR FATHERS AND MOTHERS TO PROFIT IMMORAL BUTCHERS”) last Friday, praying with and encouraging the other courageous people there.

I walked up to one lady in the rain to thank her and she said "I voted for President Obama but I don’t understand how he can support abortion?’ She related to me her horror and shock at just finding out that abortion was legal through the entire 9 months of pregnancy due to the “health protection” clause.

She was even more bewildered when I told her that Obama voted against the “infants born alive protection act” that even the most liberal pro-abortion Senators like Boxer and Feinstein voted for, which protects the life of an innocent baby who survives a botched abortion.

When I told her to look up what his wife and mother of their 2 girls, Michelle Obama, another well educated Ivy League attorney, wrote about how she justified murdering a baby born alive after a botched abortion due to some vague “health of the mother argument” (what about the health of the innocent baby???), she was even more shocked.

I do not condemn President Obama, or anyone for that matter, that is their own doing, they will answere for their action directly to God!.

When we stand alone before Jesus at our Judgment, we will all answer for our sins. As Fr. Benedict Groeschel says, “all I can say is MERCY.”

I just want to do everything I can to ensure that none of has to answer Jesus when He says “Why didn’t you do something to try to stop them from murdering my innocent children?”

Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!


The truth about 0bama is negative, and he is more than just a representative. He is a highly motivated agent of an anti-Christian movement. It is those who wish to promote positive things overall about 0bama that are forced to dig into their bag of deceitful comments and half-truths. What does it mean to be intelligent, if one applies that to evil? Come to think of it, is applying your talents to accomplish evil, really all that intelligent?

Hi Mark,

The Western world is having its trust abused. We should trust our leaders, Wall Street and scientists. But, sometimes, the truth, and the facts, get thrown to the wayside. I worked in health care. I saw a lot of suffering people. Some got well, many did not. No one wants to suffer.

But scientific research is not always funded by the government or private companies like one of the pharmaceutical giants. Sometimes, people with a lot of money decide they will go anywhere and try anything. I can understand that. But sometimes we are not told the whole truth so people can get their way. If powerful, wealthy and influential people decide there will be a War on Suffering and embryonic stem cells are the weapon they’ve decided will work, then sometimes they will not tell us the whole truth. Sometimes other people think they are doing the right thing when they, in fact, are not.

No one’s perfect. God knows, I’m not. But we need to cling to the truth. Half-truths and falsehoods will not save us.

We have to pray and we have to speak up, such as on forums like this one. It may appear to be a drop in the bucket but if we inform even one person, it is worth it.


Too many talented people in the past have applied their talent to evil. And I agree, it’s not intelligent. A great mind connected to an evil heart is not a good thing.


:DI might not be liked for saying this but, if i have to I will.

First of, while there was a ban on Embryonic stem cell funding, but not the research itself.

While there was no band on Adult stem cell funding.

Now let a few years pass by.

Now imagine Embronic Stem cells be like a rocket launcher. But it has only two missiles.

Now imagine Adult stem cells be like a pistol, but with time they became a thousand. While the rocket has more potential to do damage, there is no way it could compare with the numbers of the pistols. Why are there so many pistols, well lets just say they had the funds to grow.

Get, it! the reason there hasn’t been so much progress on embryonic stem cells is because they weren’t getting the funds. While Adult stem cells were.

They both have problems, and advantages. The main problem with embryonic stem cells, well do i really have to say it when everyone has been shouting it throught the forum. But, the problem with adult stem cells is that it is human specific. The advantage is that the person can SOMETIMES provide their own. But, if they have a condition that they cant, well good luck.

Like my teacher said, Life will never be fair. But, if this so called contest was fair, put the people on both sides on a lab with the exact same resources. Give them the exact amount of time. And there results will be your answer.

Okay, as time passes people on both sides will be screeming, whinning, yelling, and everything else. We just have to see what happens next, if some miracle cure is discovered on embryonic stem cells then the adult stem cells have to copy it, if they cant well they’re screwed. Vice Versa as well. But, it can’t be judged right now, because embryonic stem cell research has yet to pick up steam. Not because they cant, but because they hadn’t had the chance the adult stem cell people had till right now.

Only time will tell…

I’m just being the one here who is saying the truth, unbiasly. I want Adult stem cells to win over embryonic, but if they don’t. I won’t stand in the way, the truth is the truth no matter how ugly it is. Here it can be very ugly, but if it’s ugly face it, if it’s beautiful face it.

God, I’ll leave this issue in your hands… I’ll accept the results, no matter what they are…
Just let it be fair…


I’m not quite sure if I’m interpreting you correctly here.

I’ll try to be perfectly clear.

If a living human being wishes to contribute part of their body (e.g., blood components) to help “cure” someone, that’s fine.

If a human being dies in an accident, and some part of his/her body is used with his/her advance permission to “cure” someone, that’s fine.

But if a human being must be KILLED for no other reason than to provide a “cure,” that is not acceptable.

It’s not a question of winning anything. The brilliance of the cure does not matter. The potential good of such a “cure” does not matter.

There is a line, even in science. We do not kill humans in order to cure humans.

If this is allowed, all restraints are off. Any human being of any age can and will become potential “cure fodder.” This can’t be allowed.

I think that at the moment, scientists are blinded by the glorious possibility of actually discovering a cure for some of the most debilitating conditions (e.g., Parkinson’s, paralysis, etc.), and they are unable to see and admit that they are sacrificing another human being for the sake of this “cure.” I think that many of them are thinking the same thing many of us think when we commit sin–“Well, it’s just a little sin and so much good will come out of it that the sin will be cancelled by the good.” That’s a lie.

Me, too.

No, there wasn’t. State gov’ts could fund all they wanted to. Private donors likewise. President Bush was the first president to authorize federal monies for funding.

Conveniently unproveable assertion. One can more cogently claim that ESCR didn’t get the funding because it’s not been good for much more than causing cancer.

That would be a more convincing claim if you hadn’t led with a falsehood.

– Mark L. Chance.

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

If you wanted to see the Oprah show’s clip of Dr. Oz, Michael J. Fox and Oprah with the brain.


Here is the CNA article on the matter:

If someone can copy this vidoe, it may be useful to keep a copy of this.

God Bless,

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