Leaving home?


I’ve been in a discernment process with my priest for some months. He has given me some assignments in my parish, such as being in charge of one of the Sunday Masses (starting next Sunday), and in charge of the weddings (probably starting training tomorrow). In my parish I’ve been working as a catechist for the children who will have their First Communion, and I’m often doing some of the readings at Mass.

During the discernment process, I expressed him my fear of leaving my house, in the sense that even though I already work and I have my own car, I still have everything with my family: I don’t know how to cook or how to wash my clothes. :blush:

From what I have observed, this fear is not just about these things: it’s about having to learn stuff that I don’t know how to do, and the obvious fear of making errors while learning. He gave me the option to go to live with him, since he asked the bishop his permision for this, based on what he knows of me through the process, my service at the parish, and the many times we have been together for lunch, dinner, or ministry.

I still feel kind of anxious about it, but I don’t know why the date “September 5th” doesn’t come off my mind. Yesterday I was at church for a special prayer gathering, and another priest (mine wasn’t there) started prophesizing/words of wisdom or whatever. After talking of different people who were present (and he didn’t know them, nor did he speak with my priest about any of these things), he said: “There are two guys here who are considering their path in life. They feel a calling of the Lord. The father of one of them refuses him to be a priest. The other one has doubts and fears about leaving his home. God tells both of you to trust Him. Go after Him, and He will take care of you. Don’t fear.”

Yet I feel anxious about it. Leaving home causes me enough distress, yet living with my priest, on the other hand, can make it easier, as he will be helping me more closely with that. But I was just wondering how I can start getting a “different picture,” in the sense that I will be less anxious about leaving home and deepening my discernment process with my priest?


Do you have a good sense of humor? I remember learning how to cook and do laundry. I made mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes when learning. Just have a sense of humor about it, learn from the mistakes you make, and continue learning. You’ll do fine! :smiley:


I’ve generally learned these things, and live away from home to my new home with my wife. I still make mistakes… In fact, just a number of weeks ago I turned some of her favorite items of white clothing to a more light grayish-blue color… She was obviously upset, but we reasoned it wasn’t entirely my fault because the steps I took to prevent such things should have kept it from happening. We washed them at a public laundromat, so something left behind by a previous user could have caused the change in color.


Sometimes being thrown in at the deep end can be a good way to learn how to swim! I can relate to how you feel since I’m about to depart for a two week placement in a semi-rural parish (challenging for a city boy like myself) during the seminary break. At the same time, I know that the challenge that comes with being outside of my comfort zone and away from familiar environments is what I need. Ultimately, I guess it just comes down to trusting in God that He will guide you and letting go of your fears as you step out into the unknown.


And that’s why my husband isn’t allowed to do the laundry! :smiley:

Just kidding you. It probably wasn’t your fault. A lot of laundry has been ruined in public laundry machines due to something left by the previous customer.

When my husband and I were dating we stopped by his house so he could change clothes. I watched him dig through a hamper, smell test the clothes, and then run them down to the laundry. He proceeded to toss whites, darks, and even towels into the wash on warm. Logic being if whites get washed on hot and darks get washed on cold, then wash everything together on warm. I was horrified, lol. I smiled, patted him on the head, and told him he would never be allowed to wash anything once our laundry was mingled. Nearly 11 years of marriage and I’m not even sure if he knows how to operate the washing machine since he has never used it!

True. Most people learn by doing. And no matter where you are, you aren’t alone as God is with you!


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