Leaving homosexuality - a follow up


I posted about two months ago to ask for prayers as I began my journey away from an active homosexual lifestyle. Several of the readers on this Forum indicated that they would keep me in their prayers. forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=180347

Thank you all SO MUCH.

The power of your prayers, and my own (as well as daily Mass and many Rosaries), have made a tremendous difference in my life. Nearly two full months after that date, I have kept my word to the Lord. Not only have I not succumbed to any of that sort of temptation, I have not even felt any, at least none that I’ve recognzed as such. I believe that is truly the gift of the Holy Spirit. I realize that it has only been seven weeks, but at the very least I have a very visible example in my own life of God’s faithfulness.

There is one bit of my story I did not tell in my earlier post. My post was dated August 30, the day after I told my former partner that I could no longer engage in that sinful behavior. August 29, the day I actually told him this, is the day that the Church remembers the beheading of St. John the Baptist. I had attended daily Mass that day, and the Gospel reading was from Mark 6:17-30. Verse 20 of that Gospel noted how King Herod knew John to be “a righteous and holy man” and that when “he [Herod] heard him speak he was very much perplexed, yet he liked to listen to him,” and that in Verse 26, Herod was “deeply distressed” when Herodias’ daughter asked for John’s head. Despite this, Herod chose to take the easy way out.

That Gospel message spoke to me so loudly I don’t even remember which of the priests was giving it that day. My mind was filled very clearly with this thought: Don’t make Herod’s mistake. Don’t do what’s easy, do what’s right. It moved me so greatly I could not concentrate at work that afternoon; I couldn’t get anything done. I dropped everything and left work early and rushed home to do what I needed to do, stopping only long enough to pray a Rosary.

Praise God for his faithfulness, and thank you all again for your prayers.


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How wonderful that you’re doing what’s right, not what’s easy. I’m not in the same situation, but your reminder to do what’s right, no matter how difficult, is one we can all apply to something in our lives. Look how God is using you to inspire others…:thumbsup:

God bless you, and stay strong.

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This is wonderful news – praise God! :extrahappy: Thanks for the update. I’ll say a prayer for strength for your continuing journey toward chastity.


I never saw your original post, but I have to say that I am so impressed with you. Some may say that the true debate lies in whether or not someone is “born” gay. We are all born with tendencies that are not perfect and holy. (I know I am haha!)

I have always said the phrase…“You know you are making the right decision if its the hard choice to make” And that goes for anything (weight loss, tithing, etc.)

I’m so proud of you. You will now be in my prayers. You are affecting more than just you. You are influencing those around you and even people here. You have made me recommit right now to becoming a more Godly person and try even harder (not that I’m not already trying) because goodness, it must be so difficult for you.

I hope you find joy and peace through this process. And remember, God said things were “Good” (marriage, etc.) not “easy.” haha!

I’m curious - if you would like to tell, if you dont that is ok - its very private - how did your partner take it? Is there any chance you could be an example to him?

Congratulations on your success so far. I’m very honored that you are sharing your story!



A someone who is still actively dealing with leaving that lifestyle, I understand your struggle. I “became” bi when I met my husband, and am happily married to him. I can’t say I don’t miss my old life, but this presents such wonderful different things.
You are in my prayers.


To the OP:
You are in my prayers. I know exactly what you are going through because I left the gay lifestyle many years ago. There will be temptations and struggles ahead, but hopefully for now you can rest in peace knowing you are living a chaste life. Who knows what God has in store for you?
I never could have imagined that I would be happily married with children but I am! God truly works in mysterious ways.
Keep us posted - we’re praying for you.


God bless you that you are walking that tough road. If you cared
for your former partner, know that by doing this you might have
saved his soul. Hopefully he will response and come out of the


I have tremendous hope that this might someday be the case, God willing.

For those who have asked about my former partner, he is struggling very much with my decision, but I can see him at least beginning the process of opening himself up to God in his life. He is not Catholic, and does not have a very high opinion of the Church. I pray that TexCatholic is right, and that my decision can serve, at some point, to help bring him to Abraham’s bosom, even if now it is causing him pain.

Pray for me, but pray for him harder.


In his 1996 book “Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth”, Jeffrey Satinover, MD and Ph.D., has written of his extensive experience with patients experiencing same-sex attraction:

“I have been extraordinarily fortunate to have met many people who have emerged from the gay life. When I see the personal difficulties they have squarely faced, the sheer courage they have displayed not only in facing these difficulties but also in confronting a culture that uses every possible means to deny the validity of their values, goals, and experiences, I truly stand back in wonder… It is these people – former homosexuals and those who are still struggling, all across America and aboard – who stand for me as a model of everything good and possible in a world that takes the human heart, and the God of that heart, seriously. In my various explorations within the worlds of psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and psychiatry, I have simply *never *before seen such profound healing." (Satinover 1996, emphasis in original)

It seems to me that we can make an argument that the people who carry this cross, today, in these cultural circumstances, and seek to place every aspect of their lives under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, are among the members of the Church Militant that are her finest boast (were she given to boasting :slight_smile: ). We are richer for their courageous example.




That is incredibly moving. Thank you very much for sharing that.


Just a note of encouragement – I have a dear lifelong friend who is a gay male and a Catholic. He decided some years ago to leave the lifestyle behind, although he has always been and probably always will be attracted to members of his own sex. He tried dating a couple of women some years ago, but it just didn’t work out for him. Knowing that he is not attracted to women that way, he chooses to live a quiet life of chastity, being a friend to many but nobody’s lover. If he can do it, so can you, with God’s help. You are not alone in this struggle! Stay strong, and God bless you.


I’m glad you are able to leave the lifestyle. I myself never went into it but fidn it virtually impossible to leave the orientation behind so I accept it. Nothing wrong with that.


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