Leaving Mass "Early" Before Announcements!


As I understand the Mass is “over” at Communion but I do like to stay even a few minutes after last blessing.

Recently I moved to small community with one Parish. They can have 15 minutes of announcements before the final blessing. Generally things that do not pertain to me; CCD children’s stuff etc. They basically read the bulletin…

Then a second collection. The Mass breaks up into a chatty mob almost immediately.

Bottom line is it gets very distracting and I have taken to leaving directly after receiving the Eucharist. The parish is actually in a very pretty pecan grove and recently the landscape and sunset have been breathtaking. I feel much more connected as I pray Anima Cristi outside than inside…

I don’t run out and jump in my car and jet off. I am not trying to avoid anything but the inside distractions.

Admittedly parishes withhold final blessing so you do stick around but this seems to me equally disingenuous. I don’t understand why parishes have taken the idea announcements belong IN the Mass.

If you don’t consider Mass over until final blessing how does one square with such behavior?


El paso

It’s “over” (so to speak) after the “prayer after communion”, but really, leaving prior to the blessing & dismissal is leaving before it’s over.

Bottom line is it gets very distracting and I have taken to leaving directly after receiving the Eucharist. The parish is actually in a very pretty pecan grove and recently the landscape and sunset have been breathtaking. I feel much more connected as I pray Anima Cristi outside than inside…

You’re more connected to the Body of Christ when you leave them and go somewhere else alone? Hmm… :hmmm:

If you don’t consider Mass over until final blessing how does one square with such behavior?

Redemptive suffering? :wink: :rotfl:


The Body of Christ is not contained by a building, it is a spiritual community. As I type I am “alone” in my house but still a member of the Body of Christ.

As I said IF this is a sacred event (and IT IS!) what place do raffles and non-liturgical announcements have?

My Missal has no spot of “announcements” these are not part of the Mass…



Your Missal may not have but the GIRM does.

**D. The Concluding Rites
**90. To the Concluding Rites belong the following:
a. brief announcements, should they be necessary;
b. the Priest’s Greeting and Blessing, which on certain days and occasions is expanded, and expressed by the Prayer over the People or another more solemn formula;
c. the Dismissal of the people by the Deacon or the Priest, so that each may go back to doing good works, praising and blessing God;
d. the kissing of the altar by the Priest and the Deacon, followed by a profound bow to the altar by the Priest, the Deacon, and the other ministers

I would argue that nothing that’s in the bulletin needs to be read at that time unless it’s of such importance that missing it would have a very negative impact on parishioners or the parish or it’s an invitation to something that is taking place immediately after Mass and you want to be sure that everyone knows.

15 minutes??? That is WAY over the top. Our priest might make two announcements…total of 30 seconds or so. Unless it’s a really unusual situation, the rest of that stuff can go in the bulletin.

Would you leave your family’s Thanksgiving meal immediately after dessert was served because you don’t care to listen to your grandmother’s announcement about the upcoming family events? Your Uncle’s bragging about his plans for a Golden Wedding Anniversary or your sister’s telling about a school field trip your nephew is fund raising for? Because you don’t have kids, are not going on the cruise and could careless about family events and Golden Wedding Anniversaries?

You don’t say how old you are … so perhaps your children are all grown or you are not married yet and have not started your family. Maybe you do not belong to any Parish groups - you are a solo I am here for my own personal piety Mass attendance only can;t be bothered by any parish activity parishioner … :shrug:

The Mass is a Communal “Family” Meal … you may not feel connected because you choose not to connect … Those children issues you do not care about - well they are the future of the Church, their parents need your participation and support. Those parish children will see your example … Those other announcements for various things - well they may include workshops and information for those parishioners who bring the Eucharist to Hospitals, the home bound or those in nursing homes. Someday you may need one of those individuals to visit you. The parishioners who create the environment that welcomes into the Church will volunteer time to plan and decorate the Sanctuary, the Choir practices and the Liturgy Group plans the Mass and trains the Lectors. RCIA - someday you may want a friend to learn about the Church … are you married? - someday you or someone you care about may need a myriad of interactions with this “Family” you cannot bring your self to be present for … That is actually pretty sad … Your parish family exists and is there for you - for more than just the time you spend in Mass …

I agree that if the announcements go on for 15 minutes, that is way too long. I would just try to sneak out secretly.
I don’t think the comparisons to a family dinner apply - - that’s not really what Mass is. Even the GIRM says announcements should be kept short.

If you have somewhere to go, then do so. If not, stay once in a while to get to know the new parish, then maybe bring up the announcement thing. Have you timed the announcements? 15 minutes seems way over the top…maybe its really like 6-7 minutes? First sundays our church does a lengthy announcements just before the mass - 5 minutes max - people still entering, but those who want to hear rather than read, they show up…

I attend two parishes. Some people at my “home” parish arrive late and are in a rush to leave before announcements are made. If mass goes over an hour, they have no problem complaining to the priest or the office staff. It’s the complete opposite for the other parish in a poor neighborhood, I attend from time to time. It’s normal for mass to be 1.5 to 2 hours long. I have yet to see anyone leave early. In fact, the parish serves Sunday dinner after mass and a large majority of the parishioners stay.

I have heard it said here, over and over again, that the Mass is not a socializing event. It’s prayer, communion with God, etc. I sympathize with the OP who makes it sound chaotic with unprecedented amount of announcements (not in line with GIRM a. brief announcements, should they be necessary). Also we need quiet time to reflect with post communion prayers. I, too would leave upon receiving communion and go outside.

Once at a mass I was at, there was a full rosary and benediction between communion and the final blessing. It was a special celebration mass, I didn’t get out of there for 2 hours. The result was that I was seething angry because I hadn’t planned on a 2 hour mass, felt guilty for being so angry, went to confession, priest found it hilarious that I was so mad but he also said the priest saying the mass was out of line and should have said the final blessing first.

If announcements were literally 15 minutes long, I’d maybe listen for a few minutes, then leave.

The mass is over when the priest/deacon says “Ite, Missa Est”, “Go in peace”, “Go forth, the Mass is ended,” etc.

It is usually a pet peeve of mine when I see people leave mass after communion; but, if announcements take fifteen minutes, I’d be tempted to leave early too! Fifteen minutes of announcements seems a little excessive to me.

Sorry the announcements are so long. I would probably stay, but I usually have something to do in the church after Mass anyway…
I did however like reading your post about the pecan groves outside of El Paso. I left there almost 20 years ago and reading your post was a real walk in memory lane for me. Unless you have seen them, you don’t really know how immense they are and how you can really feel the power of God in the beauty of the trees. They canopy the road and it is easy to feel the presence of a protective God in the limbs of the trees.
Thanks for posting.

you go from before the start of the first hymn until the last hymn is over.

you may know the reasons for why you’re leaving, but others don’t. you behaviour may pave the way for them to think they have somewhere more iiportant to be.

I wish we weren’t under such scrutiny, but we are. I wish it didn’t matter what others think of us, but unfortunately it does.

that being said, it is unusual for announcements to be that long, but perhaps there is a reason for it. are there many elderly people at your parish, maybe not everyone can read the bulletin? my parish is nice enough to put in on the parish website every week, barring that, I would have no idea wht happens most of the time

My wife likes to leave during the announcements or it is a sung Mass when the final hymn begins, I prefer to stay but get caught in the stampede at the end.

I was watching Web of Faith the other week and they mentioned in a joking sort of way that Judas Iscariot was the first to leave Mass, I guess he did go a bit early.

I couldn’t handle 15 minutes of notices, what on earth could they be about!

On a rare occasion it will be a bit longer but that would be the priest asking a married couple (50 or 60 years marriage) to come forward etc.

Not sure why some people leave directly after Communion, it’s like a bowling alley with someone thundering down to get out smashing past everyone.


I wouldn’t like having a chatty mob during the mass, myself. (Instead, the parish could consider having coffee and doughnuts after mass where people can spend time in talking and greeting their acquaintances.)
They might consider putting most of what is said during mass into the parish bulletin.
If a parish mass is too free floating, however, personally, I attend another parish.

First world problems.
Be grateful your parish is so active in ministry.

Thanks for all the replies.

Previously I attended an FSSP Mass and any announcements came during the Homily. Usually very very brief, less than a minute if that and directly related to Mass times or a talk or Liturgical event.

Previous to that a Benedictine Abbey with no announcements.

Both of these were militant about quiet in the Church, no chatting, a place of quiet prayer.

I must admit I am spoiled as per above.

I have been to plain old diocese parishes that managed to have the same reverence but those are the exceptions not the rule I fear.



I think 15 minutes of irrelevant announcements every week would really test most peoples patience. I think I would stay for maybe one every so often just to keep up to date with what’s going on but yeah I don’t need detailed information on groups for retired people or children every single week.

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