Leaving Mass right after the dismissal?

About 18 months ago, I began leaving Mass after the dismissal, just as the recessional begins. I know there’s nothing wrong with doing that. I do it to avoid the horribly loud din, the clapping, and all the back-slapping.

I especially do it to avoid the pressing lines to get OUT of the church. Even though my parish church has six vomitoriums and things move along OK, the great push to get out of the building is a real turn off.

My only concern is that more and more people seem to be following me out of the church. It’s almost as if I have legitimized leaving at that point to them so now they follow me. Don’t get me wrong – at least 1/3 leave right after communion which is a no-no, but if I stay in my seat, the people that follow me out (~30 and growing) seem to stay put.

Since I know it’s a legit time to leave, should I just ignore the followers and go about my day? It would be nice if they actually knew the rules for themselves, but that’s not going to happen.

Are you trolling?

It sounds like:

  1. You leave after the dismissal but do not stay to participate in the sending music.

  2. You are doing it because you want to exit quickly and you abhor noise and fellowship and touching others.

  3. You justify doing it because “you know the rules and technically it’s OK.”

  4. You realize that you may be leading others to do the same because people are following your example when you do it.

  5. You conclude that you are in fact leading others to do it because when you don’t leave earlier, they don’t either.

  6. While it is OK technically, and therefore you aren’t directly leading others to sin, it is not OK culturally, or else it wouldn’t be bothering your conscience.

  7. You want to blame the others’ ignorance of the technicality because if they wanted to do it without your example, then they would know to do it, and would do it, and therefore relieve your sense of guilt.

  8. You point out the 1/3 that leave right after Communion who are actually “doing a no-no”.

In conclusion, you want to avoid the people you just Communed with, call out 1/3 of them as sinners, blame them for causing you to reflect on your conscience, and now ignore them for following your leadership.

That about right?

I usually wait until the priest and processional cross pass by, then I say the prayer to St Michael (I highly suggest that you do this after every Mass). Perhaps you should wait longer after Mass when all of the crowds have left. Fill this time with prayers e.g. prayer to St Michael, a decade or two of the Rosary, thank God for the wondrous sacrament that you have received. I agree that many Catholics nowadays don’t have much reverence towards the Blessed Sacrament through sacred silence. Don’t worry about what others are doing though, focus on Christ. If these things are really bothering you then bring it up with your priest or parish coordinator.

If you are making a dash from the front pew, down the center aisle, we might have a problem. It would be better to sit near a side door and slip out. :wink:

If the Mass is over, then leave when ever you wish and don’t worry about when the others leave.

So let me see if I have this right.

You leave early to avoid thing that annoy you, like a big “long” wait to get out of church, and are bothered by other people now leaving when you do.

I am not even going to address you leaving early. But you are very concerned with what everyone else is doing. First you judge the people that leave right from communion, and then you are concerned about people leaving when you do, as if you are somehow the cause of it.

Why is it perfectly “okay” for **you **to leave when you do, but not the supposed 30 people that also now leave?

I wonder how you would react if everyone started leaving when you do. I suppose that would be a real inconvenience to you…

The other way “to avoid the pressing lines to get OUT of the church” is to stay until well after all the pressing lines are gone, as I see many people do each time.

No, no, my egress is short and quiet. I do sit near a side door as a matter of fact. I wouldn’t mind hanging out until the big press to get out of the church has cleared, but that would mean listening to 4-5 minutes of loud secular jabber and that’s really not what I am seeking right after Mass.

I suspect that’s the right sentiment. I just wish these folks “knew the rules” without having to resort to watching me or anyone else. They remind me of the type that genuflect to the altar and then walk right by the tabernacle to the right of the sanctuary. They honestly don’t seem to understand.

I didn’t expect this to be an issue, but those who hold the belief that it’s not OK to leave directly after the dismissal are quite simply wrong and should keep their misplaced judgements to themselves.

Take a Rosary and offer a Chaplet of divine Mercy while others file out. Win-win.

The only person that seems to be judging, I’d you. Why do you keep track of what everyone does or doesn’t do so often? Again, why is it okay for you to leave when you do, but not them?

Yeah, the unwashed masses haven’t attained your levels of silent gravitas, oh learned one.

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