Leaving the Faith

Ever since 2009 I stopped attending mass at a Catholic Church and instead have regularly attended a Lutheran Church. After reading the Bible, I personally believed that Lutheranism was a better option than Catholicism. Anyways, I have not been to a Catholic Church in five years (with the exception of weddings and funerals) but I have been going to the Lutheran Church often. I am an open heretic of the Church of Rome and a schist as well (I’ve got a picture of Martin Luther in my room on my wall and I will be getting the Lutheran cross tattooed on my arm). I recently found out that the Church has been counting me as a Catholic. Is there any current process to get an asterisk next to my name or something so I won’t be counted?

Please respect my decision to be a Protestant as I respect yours to be a Catholic. Please don’t try and convince me because my mind is set and done.


Once you have been Catholic there is no way you can be “not Catholic”. You are a lapsed Catholic, or an apostate Catholic, or a “bad” Catholic, but you are Catholic and, whether you get to Heaven or end up in Hell, you will be Catholic there as well.

With no disrespect intended, I have never quite understood a person’s need to post that they are ‘leaving the faith’. Once you are Catholic, you are always Catholic, even if you choose to take another path. We can always hope that you will come back home to the Catholic Church and to the truth.

Your attitude is puzzling. Martin Luther’s protest is over.

Lutherans and Catholics now seek congenial relations to be in communication with one another, not drive further apart.

BTW - “Church of Rome” is an antiquated, somewhat bigoted term for the Catholic church.

The* indelible* mark that is on your soul from Baptism and the one from your Confirmation - cannot be removed. Tis actually unremovable-- unlike the tattoo your thinking of.

In Jesus Christ is true life. And in the Church he founded is the fullness of the grace and life he came for us to have. May you find your path leading back home.

With prayers


Wow, I think that you have taken a daring
path, COURAGEOUS is more the word.
I was “saved” in a Brethern Church which
preaches “Once saved always saved”, they
taught me that once I received Jesus into
my heart, even if I committed murder, I would
still be saved and go to heaven!
You can see why I felt SOOO SECURE…
until I fell… and NOBODY from the church
bothered with me?!*

If you want to leave Catholicism and join another denomination, go for it. God bless you on your journey. But I’m not sure why you posted this. For all I know the Church does not keep a list of Catholics outside of who’s a member of a local parish.

Not anymore…

A formal act of defection from the Catholic Church (Latin actus formalis defectionis ab Ecclesia catholica) was an externally provable juridic act of departure from the Catholic Church,[1] which was recognized from 1983 to 2009 in the Code of Canon Law as having certain juridical effects enumerated in canons 1086, 1117 and 1124. The concept of “formal” act of defection was narrower than that of “notorious” (publicly known) defection recognized in the 1917 Code of Canon Law[2][3] and still narrower than the concept of “de facto” defection. In 2006, the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts specified in what a formal act of defection from the Catholic Church consisted.[4] In 2009, all mention of a formal act of defection from the Catholic Church and of any juridical effects deriving from it was removed from the Code.[5] (from Wikipedia)

If you want to leave the Catholic Church founded by Christ and follow a religion a few hundred years old by a disgruntled member go ahead always remember it was founded by a man not Jesus Christ himself. I hope you get sense before you die, and that the Lord will show you His path not the path of what others had created.

Always remember that Catholicism is pre denominational . We are the originals.

Plus I don’t know why you bothered to tell us, after all its your soul, not ours. You have to answer to God for changing not us…:confused::yawn::signofcross:

A violent post… People don’t read the bible and poof become Lutherans. So, what happend to you when you were a practicing Catholic?

Ok, I am not sure who is counting you are Catholic or why that bothers you. I am curious though, why have you joined a Catholic forum like this. Since you have left and are now following Martin Luther why do you want to come on a Catholic forum to let us know?
I grew up Methodist and there was a lot of discussion about Martin Luther but little about what he actually wrote. When I found out how anti-semitic, angry and violent his writings were, I began to question him and at least in my mind, couldn’t follow such as violent man.
Can someone that believes all Jews should be destroyed have anything to say about the Bible itself.

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