LEBANON – MIDDLE EAST - The ecumenism of blood and Orthodox divisions [AN]

At a time when Christians, Catholics and Orthodox, suffer persecution in the Middle East, the Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch decided to break the communion with the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Their rivalry is not theological, but jurisdictional, over the faithful in Qatar. The pan-Orthodox Synod is being held up by the jealousy of Russian Orthodox. Having a common date to celebrate Easter is important.


So sad. They fight over jurisdiction, they could not hold the Synod because of jealousy of one Orthodox over the other. And the prayer of Jesus that they shall be one is still just a prayer for them.

Perhaps this is because they are like a family without a father and the infighting of sibling rivalry festers without that central authority. The Patriarchs are equal to each other, and each are territorial. Once they left Pope, this is perhaps the result with each patriarch independently asserting themselves which inevitably result in a conflict such as this.

Let’s continue to pray that they shall be one.



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